Will I Ever?

My clock says it’s 05:00AM Husband had just left for their company’s Inter-Business Units Sportsfest Championship, and being an ‘honorary’ member daw of the committee, he has to be on the venue at 06:00AM, the big bosses will be there daw kasi. Kfinewhatev.

I am still sleepy, but my body’s telling me to start moving. You see, Our Lady of Fatima will be brought here on Tuesday, October 23, by the members of the Knights of Columbus, where husband is a not-so-active Junior Knight. He was recruited by Kuya Bennett (one of his uncle, they/we’ve just been used to call his aunts and uncles Kuya/Ate, but not their husbands and wives, we call them tito/tita, instead. Complicated much? I know. Hehe) after he passed the licensure exam for Civil Engineers in 2005.

There. Our Lady of Fatima will stay with us for just 24 hours, and will be picked up again on the 24th. It’s much less like than the Block Rosary (which stays on somebody’s home for a week).

According to the other members, a group of KoC consists of more than 40 men each night, and a little agape is held. My oh my!

We’ve held celebrations here before, but we’ve never felt so stressed as this. Why? We have not experience having more than 40 persons inside our house. What we do is to invite people by batches. During our housewarming/blessing, our relatives came in at around 3PM, with the priest and his ‘minions’. Our MDC peeps who offered their services during the renovation (FREE OF CHARGE, baby!) came in at 5PM. Friends arrived at night time. Hindi nagpang-abot. May time kami lagi to regenerate, and quickly fix our home after a batch left.

I wonder how, are we gonna fit ourselves in?! Refreshments are never a problem. I’ve lots of help.

I’ve been trying to declutter, fix and clean our house yesterday. But I can’t seem to finally, finally, finish.

Having a two year-old toddler who’s hobby is to scribble on sheets of paper with almost a hundred crayons everywhere, my goal to finish cleaning seems impossible.

We strictly implement here A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING IN IT’S PLACE. I guess. Hehe.

We’ve lots of storage boxes and bags for Enzo’s crayons, and pencils, putol na yung iba, but she won’t allow us to throw them. Alam niya kapag may nawala. We shouldn’t have brought her those stuff siguro dapat. 😦

Tita Eva has a box of all her unused and clean papers, coloring books, story books and flash cards. But everytime Enzo cries, ‘iyon iyon pis? Teys teys? Peyper, buks, mama, pis?’ ( Crayon crayon, please? Trace trace? Paper, books, mama, please?) We just can’t say no. But that means tearing of papers, accidental writings on the wall, floor or wherever she feels like to.

We let her help us clean her stuff after, and put them back to where it should be. Pero andami pa din! Toys, not yet counted, ha!

I remember mama telling our household help before, “Magulo ang bahay. Dapat laging malinis, at maayos dahil may mga bata. Yung small objects baka maisubo. Baka may matapakan, madulas.”

But everytime I tell her of Enzo’s clutter, this is what she’d tell me, verbatim: “Eh may maliit ka pa eh! Ano’ng gusto mo, i-deprive sa gusto?! Dapat nga matuwa ka na mahilig mag-aral at mag-explore. Di mo lang hayaan.”

IRONIC. Ironic to the maximum level-lacious, ma!

For now, goodluck to us. We’ll pull this through. I know. 🙂


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