Unloved. Inadequate. NOT.

“Buti hindi hinahanap ni Enzo ang daddy niya kapag wala ng Sabado’t Linggo, eh andito halos lahat? Hindi pa ba marunong magtampo?”

– everyone in the neighborhood.

Everytime they ask me that, I feel a little proud, honestly. Because my answer to their questions is NO.

Enzo only asks for her dad when she wakes up in the morning. When I tell her he’s already in the office, she smiles. Then, she’ll say “umpis daddy? Biyi mik? En jus? Fud? It-tuy Ento? Toys? Moy?” (office daddy? Bili milk? And juice? Food? Pang-school ni Enzo? Toys? Pang-mall?)

Bright di ba?!

So far, wala pang tampo.

When she ask for daddy in the middle of the day, I text my husband to call us. They’ll have a little chat, and baby’s fine. When husband promises her pasalubong, he always make sure to bring her home, anything. Kahit yung pinakasimpleng tinapay na Putok pa yan ng Kapitolyo, Pasig (which mommy and Tita Eva enjoy veryyyyyyyy much!), she’s happy na.

I don’t think Enzo has ever felt inadequate time and love from Peewee Boy. They have been eating together on her small table, during dinner since May. They have a little play/storytime after eating. They bond before I put Enzo to sleep at night. It has also been my husband’s gesture to kiss, tap and tell Enzo iloveyou&behave before leaving the house kahit tulog si baby.

Enzo gets excited when daddy cooks food for us, so he takes charge of the kitchen whenever he gets the chance.

I also ask my husband to allot a few of his time on a Sunday to review with baby her lessons in school, just so she’ll know that he is interested and up-to-date with her learnings. So far, so good. For Enzo’s every star, she’s more excited to show it to dad, to the point that she won’t wash her hands, baka mabura nga naman.

Mentioning husband’s name to Enzo throughout the day also helps. When she refuse to eat, we tell her that dad might be disappointed if she gets hungry and sick. When she refuse to take a nap, we tell her that dad will be sad and worried if she gets dizzy in school. 🙂

Thanks to our fondness in picture-taking, too. Enzo has a lot (I mean A LOT) to view.

Lastly, even if daddy’s a busy man, I know Enzo never feels ‘under loved’, and we want to keep it that way.

Bakit hindi kaya ako ang tanungin nila ng ganyan? Hehe. *one million winks*


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