Parties. Birthdays. Halloween. October.

Two days to go, and it’s my brother-in-law, Yanyan’s 27th birthday!

Nine more days and it’s my nephew, Raishymn Anrei’s 5th birthday 🙂

Eleven more days and it’s Enzo’s very first school sportsfest!

On the 31st, is her second trick or treat, and LRC’s holding a halloween party for the kids! Woot!

As early as last week, my SIL, Leiz, has already planned Enzo’s halloween party costume, as well as what should we include in her loot bags (they’ve to bring loot bags with goodies to share with their classmates).

We’ll be in Bulacan hopefully on the 1st to celebrate All Saint’s and Souls Day.

It’s the time of the year where I get to see highschool friends – Eireene, Maricon, Carmella, and a lot more. I’ve (special) mentioned these 3 ladies because they were my HS Student Council Officers, and as far as our school history is concerned, ours is the one and the only party (SPEED in SY 1999-2000 Student’s Party for Educative Excellence & Development; SEAL in SY 2000-2001 Student’s Excellence and Alliance through good Leadership; have to change party names because. Just because. Haha. Ask our mother superior.) who’s able to hold two consecutive administration – STRAIGHT WIN, with a landslide. Woooooot! No other student party has ever beaten that record, until now.

Eireene – Vice -President
Carmella – Secretary
Maricon – Treasurer

Odd, but all us, 4, have already lost a parent. Eireene, was her dad (in a car accident), Maricon was her mom (CA), Carmella, her mom, and I, papa.

Some current SC Officers of our Alma Mater (Immaculate Heart of Mary School – Bulacan) are now afraid, there maybe a curse. How dare them! Hehe.

I sure will see my girls again. Carmella Sevilla is now Mrs. Nicdao, Atty Eireene Acosta is our Top 7 Bar Top Notcher, Maricon now holds an MA degree in Psychology.

I am looking forward to meeting them again. But that doesn’t take the fact that we’ve lost a huge part of us, and we can only wish that all our departed lovedones are now also friends, wherever they are 🙂


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