Things I wish I was able to do during my pregnancy:

1. Monthly photoshoot of my growing tummy.

– I’ve lots of pregnancy photos, but with clothes on.
I wish I’ve captured my nude growing tummy from day 1 upto before I gave birth. It was on our plan, I just dunno what happened. Hehe.

2. Paint my tummy with cartoon characters, for a sexy photoshoot.

– my friend Mitch inspired me with this. She had Blues Clues painted on her 8 month old tummy, with a non-toxic paint, ofcourse!

3. 3D and 4D ultrasound.

– with the advent of technology, it is now possible to see in advance how your baby ‘might’ look like. Also, it also gives more concrete biophysical assesment of your little one. We booked ourselves for a 3D and 4D ultrasound in Megamall on my 6th month. The sonologist told us that we will not be able to see much of the baby yet, because she’s still growing. There are still a lot of changes. We were told to come back on my 8th month. However, my pre-term labor on my 29th week and my OB’s super strict CBR no BRP until delivery (Complete Bed Rest, no Bathroom Privileges) hindered us from going back. We only had the regular 2D ultrasound for the BPS (Biophysical Scoring).

4. Lots of pregnancy massage!

I only had 2 sessions. First on my 3rd month, second on my 6th month. Thanks to Relaksasi Megamall’s extra gentle pregnancy massage package. Who wouldn’t want a massage? Reasons for not being able to come back? Refer to number 3.

5. I wish I controlled my weight, better.

my believe then was, I’ve to eat more, because I’m eating for two. Hehe. I weigh a yucky 100kgs when I gave birth to Enzo. Yes, that’s almost 220lbs! Heavier than my husband’s heaviest. Got that?!

6. I should have followed my OB’s CBR instruction on my 5th month.

with my history – a floating zygote in my uterus at 6 weeks with a 100% chance of abortion if not given attention, and an early Braxton-Hicks on my 16th week, we could’ve avoided whatever happened later in my pregnancy.

There’s no more crying over spilled milk, I know.

Just sharing. Hehe.


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