MOP Side Effects

I have not been feeling well since October 6. After attending husband’s Annual Corporate Family Fun Day at the Manila Ocean Park, I already felt bad.

The weather then was really hot. Scorching hot. At lunch time, it was humid. There were thousands of families, too-children, middle-aged, adults and even infants on strollers!

Days before October 6, we’ve already decided our itinerary. MOP in the morning, lunch, Museo Pambata, National Museum then Rizal Park. NM and RP didn’t push through, though. Husband was already tired, and I felt my eyes popping out, any minute.

On our way home, I asked him to turn off his ACU, but he can’t. Baby will surely complain. Told him I was really cold.

We arrived home at 4PM. changed clothes and slept. At 6PM, My temp registered at 38.7′, pale, with nausea, vomitting and a clogged nose. Can’t even breathe through my nose.

Not wanting to be a burden (I have always been like that eversince I had Enzo. Arte eh!) I managed to cook dinner, cleaned Enzo and put her to sleep. I had 1000mg of Ascorbic Acid and a Paracetamol. Then slept at 9PM.

The following day, I was already afebrile. But my voice was muffled, very nasal, ngongo. Did some home remedies and tripled my Ascorbic Acid, to no avail.

Wednesday night last week, the left side of my face was already swollen, and it hurts. Pain scale? 10! It was like, my entire head will fall off any moment, including my brain, eyes, sinuses, tongue, teeth, everything! Esp when I move or bow. (uhmmmm, blame the lunch date I had with a gradeschool buddy?!)

It was only last Thursday when I decided to have myself checked. Originally, I was supposed to bring my nephew Rai to a Pulmonologist, but I begged off. I knew I wouldn’t comprehend the will be-lectures.

So I brought myself to The Medical City.

What happened in TMC?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata 🙂 i am kind of natatamad na. Hehe.


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