On Bottle Weaning

We should have weaned Enzo from her feeding bottle few years back. During college, we were taught that once a baby started eating semi-solid food at six months, he/she should be weaned. Which in Enzo’s case, we started giving her semi-solid on her 4th month 🙂

WEAN – to detach from a source of dependence. (Meriam-Webster)

We failed to initiate weaning. We always pity her everytime she cries and asks for ‘shake it shake it’ (her pen name for milk). Also, I worried that she might not get enough nutrients from food that we prepare for her, esp during those days that she won’t eat as much as we expect her to. I knew very well that her vitamins are just supplements.

When we go out, we still let her drink her water from a feeding bottle. When she turned one, a dentist told us to better start taking her bottle away from her. Her two front teeth are slowly separating, parang two seats apart na. I find it cute, though 😉

My husband bought her a super cute sippy cup from Avent (which costs a little above his budget haha!), and she enjoyed it! She enjoyed the thought of actually drinking, and not sucking her water. There were a lot of spills, I tell you. But patience is a virtue.

Slowly, we included juices or milk on her glass drinking experience. We even allow her to use a straw 🙂 When we go out now, we always bring her favorite tumbler (good thing she didn’t like my or my husband’s Starbucks tumbler! Haha) for her to use.

However, she still can’t let go of her bottle. As of writing, Enzo’s already 2 years, 4 months and 16 days old, and she still asks for milk on a bottle before going to bed at night.

We know that she’s only after the attachment to her bottle because she can no longer consume an 8oz of formula, unlike before. She’ll just hug her bottle, and cries everytime I attempt to take it out from her.

What we do now is to offer her milk each and every meal (4oz, usually). By bed time, max is 4oz, too. That’s already enough until she doze off.

It’s only lately that we realized and appreciate the importance of weaning. When she started schooling, her school directress told us that air passes through the side of her mouth because of the extended sucking from her bottle. It might cause her to be BULOL at a later age, daw.

Now that we know better, maybe, we can do the ‘right’ thing when a second baby arrives 🙂



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