Zonia Piyarhoie, the Pre Nursery :)

September 6.
Mama-in-law and I visisted LRC Learning Center for the possibility of Enzo’s enrollment for Pre-Nursery.

September 7.
Enzo’s classic and hilarious entrance exam and interview. She did pass, anyway.

September 8.

Rodriguez family paid for her tuition and all other fee. Thank you Papa Jesus for all Your provisions. Magaling na talaga ako sa cash balance and register! Thank you very much talaga sa dati kong HR Sr Manager na hundreds of thousands of pesos ang pinapatrabaho (to be submitted to our Finance & Accounting Department) Thank you for my husband (who’s been a very good provider, too!)

September 9.
Enzo, husband, sister & brother-in-law (who were more excited than Enzo, I think) and I went out for a little shopping for the little tot’s school needs. Our pocket says he’s fine. Alive. Kicking. Hehehe.

September 10.
Enzo’s day 1. Wasn’t able to accompany her due to some errands I’ve to do in QC. It has been on my to do list, 2 weeks ago. Tita Eva said she did behave and never showed signs of separation anxiety. Good job, little girl!

September 11.
Brought Enzo to school. Waited outsid her room for 2 hours. Haha. Saw her playing with her classmates during PE Time. She’s the most adorable, cutest and smartest student for me! Egg cell ko yan eh! :D. She got a perfect score for their first seatwork.

September 12.
Went back to QC. Enzo had her first homework which we were able to finish in 5 minutes. Haha! Ang saya lang! Another perfect score for her (sw).

September 13.
We arrived a quarter earlier in school. LRC, the directress was leading the kids outside the room with a song. Told Enzo to join them. Since she doesn’t know the song yet, she started crying. The moment she started crying, I wanna take her back home. Blame the over-protective side of me. Hehe. Teacher said that Baby could’ve felt left out. She was pacified after 5 minutes. We did her second hw.

September 14.
As agreed b/w the school administrators and us, this should be our last day to wait for Enzo outside her room. A big OH NOOOO for me, husband and her nanny. Haha. We were told that Enzo should be used to a formal school setting, this early. Besides, the grounds and facilities are well-secured (I trust my husband’s ocular inspection report, hehe). She even brought home THREE STARS, for her 3 different seatworks! ❤ Treated her to a happy bundle meal. We still adhere to our little reward system, eh!


She’d been in school for just a total of 10 hours. Yet, she

1. Can now count wih her fingers, not just recite them.
2. Can group objects according to how many are them.
3. Can identify colors aside from red, blue and yellow.
4. Can sing Bahay Kubo, the bulol-bulol way.
5. Can sing I Have Two Hands with actions, pa!
6. Have made a paper boat, paper ball, a puppet, a paper fan, with teacher’s assistance, of course!
7. Already knows that some kids call their parents mama, nanay, papa, or tatay, aside from mommy and daddy.
8. Values time better. “Yoto yeyt! Bata iwan ato Boya!” (read: ayoko ma-late! Baka iwan ako ni Bola-her school service).
9. Can identify 3 or more similar objects according to color, size and shape, faster.
10. Is really growing up fast! She now believes her teacher more! Haha! Taught her how to do handwashing, and she prefers what she learned in school! Hehe.




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