If you’ll just laugh at me, you better not read this. :|

If my college clinical instructors and professors get to read this post, there’ll be a chance that they’ll take my college diploma back and request PRC to do the same with my license.

So here. Enzo had been having temper tantrums since last week (Wednesday, to be exact). She’ll cry to get whatever she wants, and whine if she didn’t. Her nanny and I thought that there’s nothing to worry, we are already used to it, I suppose.

On Thursday, aside from her crying spells, she started asking for water every so often. It’s not that she doesn’t drink water that much, but she doesn’t even put down her glass! She can consume an 8oz of water in one sitting. Maybe she’s really thirsty, blame the weather.

On Friday, she started compalining pain during wiwi time. She’ll twist her legs, grimaced. I can give her pain scale an 8, urine amount is very little, concentrated. I know there’s dysuria. My paranoia set in since she’s just finished her Cefuroxime therapy 3 weeks ago. Recurrence of her UTI is a big shame on me, like a slap on the face.

Her crying spells worsen. She cries for 22 hours a day, I guess. She still asks for water even when we’re already lying on bed, a very unusual event. It prompted me to keep her 6L of water inside our room, and I force myself to get up everytime she asks for it.

Everytime I can’t seem to pacify her, I’d call my husband and let him talk to her. She’d just cry more. So, maybe she just misses dad , big time.

When husband arrived last Saturday, we both asked her if she’s got ‘yayay’ (anything painful or feeling of discomfort), she’ll say ‘aya po, nana po’ (wala po, wala na po).

Everybody – my husband, Enzo’s nanny, my inlaws, mama and my siblings already knew that I am about to burst and lose control. I’ve been holding back tears, and I really have NO IDEA what to do anymore plus, my patience is about to end. Though I hate the feeling, I just can’t help getting furious and mad. I am soooo disappointed.

Sunday passed with the same scene. Enzo crying. I, trying to pacify her. Husband trying to give everything and anything she wants. My inlaws provide all her desires. Mama started calling and talking to her every hour (that’s exaggerated. Haha). But, TO NO AVAIL.

Yesterday, Enzo had her crying spells at 5:30AM! Ang aga-aga, lunes na lunes! When husband left for work, things turned really, really bad.

It was just then that I decided to bring her to The Medical City. I wanted to bring her to SLMC-GC sana, because it’s a lot nearer, but due to some previous horrible experience, I still chose TMC (will post another kwento about what happened there).

Urinalysis was done. Results were normal. Urine culture was made, and the results will be out on Thursday. Pedia said they can’t see anything wrong. We went home at 9PM.

Right after we’ve set foot at home, Enzo started crying again. Tired and hungry, I told her nanny to take over, napupuno na talaga ako.

Then, out of the blue, I thought of resorting to traditional healing-tawas, balis and bati.

Dubious, I asked my husband if he’d okay my plan to bring Enzo to a ‘tawas’. He immediately said yes.

I know some will find it funny. Being a Registered Nurse with a mother-in-law who is a Registered Pharmacist/MedTech (she also happens to be our town’s Head MT), an aunt-in-law who is a Clinic Manager / Physical Therapist, and a Nutritionist Dietitian mother who worked in a hospital for 30 goodness years, some will really raise their eyebrows and might place our ‘credibility’ in question. Hesitant, I also asked mama-in-law’s permission. Surprisingly, she said yes. Even recommended a known ‘tawas‘.

I was very tempted to take photo and video of the procedure, but my inner me begged off. After about ten minutes, it was through. The old lady told me to bring Enzo down and let her play, and to our surprise, she started playing around, pointing and saying hi to all the statues and paintings on the wall. She even shared a good laugh with the old lady, they high-fived, hugged and bid goodbyes with high spirits! Goosebumps. Husband and I kept staring at each other, comments kept to ourselves. Nonetheless, we were really happy.

At home, Enzo’s able to eat a little. She still had some crying spells, but not as worse as the previous days. We slept at 1AM because she was so hyper playing with us. Husband wants to savor the moment, so even if he has to wake up an extra earlier (Tuesday’s coding), he stayed up late.

As of writing, I can only count the times she cried. She had a nice hard boiled egg and banana chips for breakfast. The first time in a week. Water consumption is still the same.

Mother-in-law might be sharing the same dilemma as I last night, that she even went home from work during lunch break to talk with me.

We both agreed that we did nothing wrong last night. All for the love of Enzo. Our grand parents and great grandparents resorted to the same treatment for us when we were little and we’re still alive. We also both agreed that as long as there’ll be no ingestion of foreign chuchus, traditional healing will always be fine. Science and medicine will still be our first option. Combining traditional and scientific way of healing and curing could be safe, as long as it won’t interfere with each other. Enzo and I’s set to hear mass this afternoon, too.

As of now, I am holding on to a very little hope that everything’s gonna be fine, the soonest. Hay. Bless me, Lord.


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