Not all mothers-in-law are monsters-in-law :)

We (my mother-in-law and I) were discussing the punching incident that happened last night, just before dinnertime.

She asked me what my plans are, and she is 100% supporting me.

The highlight of our conversation was, when I would always laugh whenever she says, “alam mo naman yang ASAWA MO.”, and she said it for more than 10x!

I just told her I am not used to hear her address her ‘son’ (her petname for husband, aside from Peewee), “ASAWA MO”.

Let me quote and unquote her:

“Eh asawa mo naman talaga siya! Laughs. Ano bang akala mo, bride lang ang itini-turn over ng parents sa kasal? Laughs. Groom din, no! Laughs. After niyo ikinasal, actually, nu’ng mag-boypren/gelpren palang kayo, since nasa legal age na siya, ipinagkatiwala na namin siya sa iyo. Laughs. Hindi naman sa ipinamigay na, pero ready na kaming bubuo na siya ng sariling pamilya at magkakaroon ng sariling responsibilities at buhay. Ang drama! Laughs harder. Kaya ‘ASAWA MO.’. Laughs harder, teary-eyed. “

Ain’t that cute? Hahaha!

See, I’ve been blessed to have parents-in-law like them! ❤


Last Monday night, mama-in-law and I were exchanging 'ulam'. Papa-in-law saw that I took the left-over dried fish. He asked me if I do like them, mama said, "oo pa, isa sa paborito niya yan, lalo yung Tawilis Palawan, di ba, Karen?" I just smiled. Papa promised me this, " sige, kapag dumaan si chuchu (forgot his name) ibibili kita.”

Altogether now, aaaaaaaawwwww! ❤

(kelan kaya dadaan si chuchu?!)


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