StratPlan 2013

My clock says it’s 4:30AM, Wednesday.
August 29.

Husband had just left for their 2013 Strategic Planning in Baguio.

I actually woke up at quarter to four, made him a cup of coffee, re-checked his stuff (good thing because the broadband’s not yet in his bag), prepared what he’ll wear for today (para nanaman akong may pre-schooler) and woke him at 4 sharp. Call time’s 5AM.

I already miss him, honestly. This is his third StratPlan with this company, but this is the first time that it’ll be held in Baguio. The first two both happened in Summit Ridge, Tagaytay.

And so?

StratPlan in Tagaytay only lasts for 3 days, activities and travel (2-3 hours) included. They usually leave on a Wednesday morning, and before night comes on a Friday, he’s home. But not this one.

This year’s StratPlan will commence at 3PM this afternoon. For three days. Departure will be on Saturday before lunch, so we expect him to be home on Saturday evening pa.

That’s almost 4 days.

Mas mahaba pa to sa PMAP Convention last October in Cagayan de Oro.

Unlike his previous work-related out-of-town trips, I tried hard not to cry. Haha! I should already be used to this!

When I was hospitalized due to pre-term labor, for 3 days, he only got to stay with me on the hospital in the evening and on the day I was sent home. He still reports for work on daytime.

When I gave birth, he’s supposedly entitled for a 40-hour Paternity Leave (the company uses the ‘by-the-hour-rule, since work days are Mon-Fri, compared to other companies who use the 7-day-rule; either of them is legit). Due to work demands, same thing happened. He was still asked to go to the office sometimes. Off-setting of schedule was offered, instead, so no problem.

Going back.

2012 is a make or break for his career. There’s a huge transition waiting for him to happen on December. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, and our hopes, high. We’re one with his immediate supervisor’s ‘gamble’ for him. A not-so-new person’s about to enter in the picture (and I am not so sure if I should be happy or excited, at the least. Oh well.).

There. After exchanging our ‘bilins’ (medicine indications, contraindications, dosage, multivitamins, pray, take care, call, text, behave, perform well, eat on time, kisses that would last for 4 days, haha, etc, etc.,) Enzo woke up.
Since we’ve already explained daddy’s activity for the next days, she already knew why he has to leave with a huge bag full of clothes.

When asked (Enzo) what does she want as pasalubong, she stood, with a wide smile, arms spread, and answered, ‘TISTER FIES!’ (Twister Fries!). Hahaha! =)

Mama Mary and Papa Jesus, please shield my husband and his colleague with Your mantle of protection. May this activity be fruitful just like the previous years. Thank you for the chance to showcase my husband’s talents. Please let them arrive and leave Baguio safe, sound and in one piece. Amen.

Havta go back to sleep now, it’s 5:51AM 🙂


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