My name is KAREN ANNE, not KRISTINE.

I was in Ortigas earlier to do some errands. Then, I went to a mall to do a little grocery shopping.

I went straight to the restroom near CD-R King. First, it seldom has a long qeue, and it’s near the supermarket.

I was seriously contemplating on my list when a man behind my back shouted, “KRISTINE!” My whole name’s Karen Anne Bacdayan-Rodriguez, so there’s no way he’s calling out for me. I didn’t look back.

Then the man punched me on the back! Yes, I was PUNCHED! he hit my right shoulder blade, and it’s fucking painful! I was so shocked that it took me 5 seconds to check on him.

When I turn around, he was already walking past me, then he run towards the supermarket’s direction.

What a crap!

I didn’t get to see his face. All I can remember was his dark blue suede jacket with hoodie, hands on his jacket’s pocket.

I ran after him. When I reached Watson’s, I felt my knees tremble because I can’t see anyone wearing a dark blue jacket with a hoodie.

Afraid that the man might be watching my next moves, I entered the supermarket anyway. I pretended to be looking for a companion.

I immediately called my husband. Ofcourse, he was worried. He called my sister-in-law who happens to work there, and she told me that she’ll take good care of the complaint.

But we’ve hesitations. How can the security personnel formulate a complaint, if I don’t even have a description of that man?

I hope there’s CCTV working within the area.

My back still hurts as hell.
Might have it checked timorrow if Salonpas won’t help 😥

Again, my name is not KRISTINE.


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