Bida si Aida :D


My mama and I’s relationship:

Love-hate-love-super hate-love-super duper hate-love-super duper mega hate-love-super duper mega over hate-love-hate to the maximum level-love-hate without forgiveness-love.

At one point, my friends thought that mama and I will never be okay.

We even had a fight that lasted for one year. Yes, 365 days! We live under one roof, see each other everyday, eat at the same dining table, use the same restroom, watch at only one tv set. But we managed not to say a single word. Thanks to my nephew, Kuya Rai. If he didn’t arrive in our lives, I don’t think mama and I would even dare patch things up.

When husband and I informed mama of my pregnancy, same thing happened. We were told not to go home. Haha. Being so sensitive because of my hormones, aggravated by little pregnancy complications, I was really hurt. Husband dragged me to go home. We arrived at 6PM, had dinner, and waited for 5 hours before mama went out of her room. As my siblings put it, it was the most-dramatic-award-winning-scene they’ve witnessed. Haha. Before we left, she handed me a huge bag with all my favorite fruits (pomelo, Indian mango, guava). Woooooh!

Last Christmas, we had a minor (for me), major (for mama) fight over the pettiest, most stupid, and most insane issue. Again. Haha!

Eversince I got married, mama and the kiddos spend Christmas with us, while our All Saints and Souls Day are spent in Bulacan. That tradition almost fell off last December.

Mama swore that they won’t come here to celebrate, and they will never ever visit us again, and don’t we dare go in her place. Haha. Tapang lang eh!

The kids were devastated and so am I. I would call my siblings and cry, and beg mama (since she wouldn’t take my call) to talk to me.

Three days before Christmas, my sister arrived with some groceries. Contribution daw ni mama for our Noche Buena! Hahaha!

Last week, we were supposed to spend the long weekend at her place. Thanks to our effin car transmission, our original plan to go home on a Saturday failed. We were already in AdMU last Sunday when we encountered car trouble so husband and I decided to go home, instead. Mama was so disappointed because she already cooked our favorite dish twice, only to find out we aren’t coming. Haha!

There her litany again. ‘Huwag kang magpapakita sa akin, huwag kayong uuwi dito, ayaw kitang makita, huwag kang tatawag at magtetext.’ haha.

If only I am single, I would surely follow her command. Hehe. But husband wants me to just shrug her topak off, and give her a surprise visit again. Original plan was Saturday. But we all woke up at 11AM! Haha. Plus, my ‘puson’ wasn’t that cooperative (after 19 months of being pain-free from dysmenorrhea, she suddenly decided to visit me gain).

My husband made me promise to wake up at 6AM the followung day. Haha. Finally, our plans pushed through. Imagine my heart trying to escape from my chest, and the joy I saw from mama’s eyes when we arrived. Hahaha!

No matter what happens, I know mama still loves me more than I do. More than I would and I could. Haha!



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