Walang sakitan.

Husband and I are still kids at heart. We still goof and play around.

May harutan pa din. Kilitian. Asaran. Tuksuhan. Basagan ng pagkatao.

Things that made us closer when we weren’t a couple yet. Those too, are things that keep us together, until now.

Minsan, sa sobrang harot, hindi maiwasang magkasakitan. Wala kasing kiliti si husband. Habang ako, lahat ata ng parte ng katawan, meron. Minsan sa kagustuhan kong kilitiin din siya, kurot o kalmot ang nangyayari.

There have been countless scratches. Sugat with love daw. Wala pa din namang napipikon (good job to me!).

Problem is, everytime Enzo sees or hears that somebody has been hurt with our child-like lambingan, she’ll cry. She gets mad at her suspect. Haha! One time, she heard me telling my husband, “huwag ka ngang makulit, suntukin kita dyan!”, she really cried hard and said, “mommy, bad taw (kaw)! Di tuntok (suntok) daddy! Yagot (lagot) taw yoyo (kaw lolo)!” hahaha cute! Husband is the one who’ll do the explaining to Enzo, and we let her hear that sorries have been said, and we’ve kissed and made up.

With that, I firmly believe that my husband wouldn’t risk what we have now especially if it’ll hurt my daughter.

He can’t afford to see her in pain – physical and emotional pain. I believe that he can risk anything only for our daughter’s happiness, nothing more, nothing less.



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