My own UPCAT Tales :)

Most, if not every graduating highschool students aspire to take and pass the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Assesment Test).

I was one of them.

Who would not want to be an alumna of the country’s most prestigious state university?

My first choice then was AB Economics, second was BS Political Science, third was BS Legal Management, Pre-Law Courses, supposedly.

My parents went an extra mile in hoping that I would pass the exam. Papa secured a copy of the application form from UP, mama did the rest. My sole participation before the exam was to have my photo taken.

Our neighbor lend me his UPCAT reviewers. I answered the questionnaires everynight, aside from my school homeworks.

Come exam day, both mama and papa accompanied me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I was the youngest young lady in Palma Hall. While I was praying, some examinees still had the chance to review their Trigonometry lessons. I heard them reciting the SOCA-TOA thingies. Things they’ve learned from their review centers. I was like, “review center?! Ako nga nanghiram lang ng reviewer! Oh no!”

After hours of excruciating brain drain from answering the test questions, I saw mama and papa waiting outside the hall, all smiles. I was not confident enough to pass, and I told them that. The exam was reaaaaally super, duper hard!

They brought me to Jollibee Philcoa for a 2-pc Jolly Chicken Joy treat! Haha! Sabi ni Papa, if I pass, congratulations, if I didn’t, atleast I tried. Mama was already planning on where should I take entrance tests aside from UP.

Weeks passed, a letter arrived. I DID NOT PASS. it was saddening, but then, that’s fine.

I tried my luck in AdMU. I passed. Wooot! However, mama and papa feared that we will not be able to sustain the lifestyle that awaits me there. You know what I mean.

Then fate brought me to FEU, and the rest is history.

I still have high regards to UP and AdMU students and alumni. I admire them. A lot. If God permits, who knows, I may be able to pursue my graduate studies there 🙂


2 thoughts on “My own UPCAT Tales :)

  1. Ay di ko makakalimutan nung nagUPCAT ako. 4 am kami umalis ng bahay kasi 6 am yung start. I remember sa Palma Hall ako nagexam pos nagpanic mode ako dahil sa right minus wrong. Di ako nakapasa sa 1st choice ko kasi ang galing ko e, quota course yung kinuha ko, Architecture pos 50 lang yung kukunin. Haha! Pasado ako sa 2nd choice ko,Business Ad. 3rd choice ko Dentistry (hehe, di ko maimagine ngayon na gusto ko magDentistry noon) Ang layo pa ng courses ko di ba? Nakapasa ako sa ACET ng Ateneo pero malayo ang UP at Ateneo, ayaw ng Dad ko, kaya sa LaSalle ako. Pero naiisip ko din, what if nagUP ako? – At nobela ang comment ko :p

    1. Yung Economics din quota 🙂 yung Nursing ko ang layo sa choices ko sa UP. sabi kasi ng nanay ko nu’ng nakita niyang maraminf nakapila sa Science courses ng FEU, ‘take up Nursing nalang or not study at all.’ 😐

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