Enzo’s Surgery… Almost

When Enzo was barely 10 months when she was diagnosed with excess anal mucosa. It was a hemorrhoid like sac on her anal area. Our pedia said that it was due to baby’s constipation history. It was supposed to fade out while time passes by.

I think I’ve already blogged about what happened to her last Holy Week 2012. That event aggravated her anal mucosa. It grew to a pea-size and was really swollen. Our pedia recommended that we seek help from a Pedia Surgeon for a possible under the knife procedure. We were devastated. It took me 5 days to finally had the courage to set an appointment with OLLH’s known Pedia-Surgeon, it was May 29, a day before baby turned 2. In 5 days, I had times when I’ll just stare at Enzo and cry whenever the thought of her lying to an Operating Room Table comes into my mind. Whenever I see her so likot and bibo, I’d cry and wonder why she has to undergo such pain. I would wake up at wee hours of the night, feel baby’s stomach to check if SHE’S BREATHING, to make sure SHE’S ALIVE. Paranoia hit me hard. Husband was also starting to get worried on my acts. I wouldn’t eat. He told me that worrying and acting like I don’t know what to do will do no help.

May 29, 2012.
Our appointment was 10 AM. we arrived at 9:45.
When Dra. Luisa Aquino arrived, I had tachycardia. I felt my heart beat at 1000bpm! Haha.

I was able to tell Dra. Aquino of Enzo’s history. With no pause. My voice was trembling and I was on the verge of crying, again.

She did her physical assesment. In all fairness to her, she knows how to make me more nervous. After the assessment, she opted to write down first, and after a long sigh, this was what she told me, “ano’ng iniiyak mo, mommy? Her case is not due for operation. Her excess anal mucosa is just because of her constipation. Huwag tayo mag-ubos ng time pag-worry kasi kakailanganin natin yan sa pag-potty train. Ang target natin, ma-relieve yung constipation, makapupu daily, regularly. The excess anal mucosa is brought about the strain when she poops tapos yung pupu eh hard. You know how it feels.”

Lalo akong naiyak. Sa tuwa. I had an hour long discussion on how can we execute an effective potty training. She recommended a laxative.

We had a follow up check up after a week. Then after 2 weeks. Then after a month. Since May 29, Enzo’s able to poop on a regular basis now, daily.

Her excess anal mucosa? The size already reduced. Thanks to our patient doctors, my parents-in-law, my husband and baby’s nanny for all the support. Salamat din sa tiyaga ko. Haha!

Now, baby’s in sound health. There!



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