Mimicry or the basic?

I was telling my husband about my nephew, Rai’s first few days in school as a Kindergarten, the other night. On his third day, they were asked to memorize a 4 stanza poem. Mama and I share the same sentiment – they weren’t taught the basics yet (like the ba,be,bi sound, vowels, consonants and the entire alphabet), and they expect them to memorize a 4 stanza poem?!?!

Husband disagreed with me.

His view is that, kids learn by mimicry. They mimic what the adults say or do. The parents / guardians / primary care givers of the kid should be the guide of these kids.

What he expects the teacher to do is to read the poem aloud to her students, line by line, while the students imitate her, until they are able to memorize.

Parents’ duty is to do the same at home.

My view is that, mimicry happens even before the kids go to school. But since Rai is already on a formal institution, therefore, basic things should be taught first.

Di ba nga, when we sing we begin with DO, RE, MI; when we read we begin with ABC?! Before we learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide, we’ve got to learn how to count first. Before we learn to mix and match colors, primary colors are taught.

In college, before I’m able to assess a patient with fever, I was taught that a normal temperature is 36.7’C – 37.4’C.

We have pre-requisite subjects prior to major subjects.

But husband is firm with his belief.

He told me that kids do whatever the teachers do, and then they develop comprehension from imitation.

Ang hirap magpaliwanagan.

I agree with him with some points, and he does with me. Pero walang gustong magpatalo.

Ikaw, ano’ng point of view mo?


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