Takot sa Tunog ng Ulan

My little tot is afraid of the rain.
Not the water pouring down, but the noise it brings.
I find it cute at first.
Lately, she’d cry and her knees trembles everytime it rains (Butchoy, kasalanan mo to! Hehe).

I told her to cover her ears and close her eyes so she won’t be frightened.
Even told her tht she can also do the same if she doesn’t like what she’s hearing.
It worked.
However, everytime my husband, her nanny and I raise our voice to tell her to stop, or just to warn her, she also covers her ears and closes her eyes! Kakaloka.

Change tactics.

To stop this, we told her to sing or raise her voice instead, para masapawan yung ingay.

Just the same, she’ll raise her voice kapag napagsasabihan.

Kakaibang bata ito.

Now, we’re training her to just enjoy the sound of the rain.
We use our super creative minds by telling her that she need not worry because the plants are taking a bath and they are thirsty.

So far, effective.
It even stimulates her mind kasi she’s learning to think on her own.

So there.

I am starting to be convinced that

Children learn by example, and seldom by advise.

hehe =)


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