To be or not to be preggy (again)

Had my regular OB wellness check-up and pap smear this morning.

Good thing that the PS results were released in a few minutes.

I was told by my OB that the weakening of my left body last year due to my overweight issues has also affected my reproductive system.

The left part of my cervix has also weaken, after thorough examination.

Because of this, I was advised that I better get pregnant again, soon.

She disapproved our plan of giving Enzo and our next baby a 5-year gap.

I might face a high risk of threatened abortion/miscarriage.

Abortion does not only mean killing the fetus while inside the mommy’s womb. It also denotes death of an infant on it’s first trimester.

Miscarriage happens on the second tri, and stillbirth, on the third.

I am glad that our doctors always allow us to seek for a second opinion.

Being already on the hospital, I sought help from our HMO Coordinator’s referral for a good OB GYNE. He referred to me Dra. Villanueva (who happens to be also the OBGYNE of an old colleague from NR) and Dra. Datu.

Mama was with us (Enzo & I) earlier so I got the chance to also have a brief background check. She ‘okayed’ them both.

After visiting the two OBGYNES, and being under too much stress and humiliation of having to lie down and checked, I was told the same thing.

I was also advised to continue my diet and exercise regimen.

This I have yet to discuss with my husband. I am also considering to have a fourth opinion from other OBGYNE of another hospital.

I want a huge family, honestly. Husband and I both have 2 siblings only, and we would want to have a lot of bundle of joys. If God permits, four kids, sana.

But we do not want to compromise their future.

Oh well, another dilemma for us.

Altogether now….haaaaaay!



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