Malakas talaga kami kay Lord :)

I don’t want to sound too prophetic.

But last Monday, a major work issue hit me and my husband. We almost thought that he’s gonna lose his job.

I’ve seen how worried he was.
He won’t talk.
He’ll just sigh. Deep. Often.
He can’t eat.
He wasn’t able to sleep.

I pitied him more, than getting worried na mawalan nga siya ng trabaho.
I encouraged him to pray with Enzo and I that night.

At 2AM, I felt him get up from bed. My instinct told me to follow him. He went outside and he was almost crying. Finally, he told me what happened, everything.

Sa tagal na niyang nagtatrabaho para sa iba’t-ibang kumpanya, ngayon lang siya naka-encounter ng ganito.

We talked for 2 hours.
He told me what his plans are.
He asked for my opinion on how he’ll get throught it.
But I chose not to speak.
I know very well that what he needs during that time was just an open ear.

Before we went back to sleep, I told him that I will always be his number 1 fan, and I know he’ll soon find the most appropriate solution.
He hugged me tight.
We slept hugging each other.

At 5 AM, I wrote him a letter.

His safety worried me, too. Since he drives from our home to his ‘offices’, I can’t help but think na baka dahil masyado na siyang nabuburyo, ma-jeopardize yung kaligtasan niya.

At 8:30AM, he called me. He thanked me for the letter, and told me not to worry. Confident daw siyang malulusutan niya yun, and his conscience is very clear. Sabi pa niya, nag-pray daw kami kay Mama Mary and Papa Jesus the night before, and if Enzo is a firm believer of Them, bakit daw siya, hindi? Oo nga naman.

I went to San Roque Parish here in our place at 4PM. I lifted up everything. My worries, my heart’s desires, but still, I let His will be done. Into His hands, I commended my spirit.

At 5PM, husband called me again.

Everything’s been cleared.
Solve na ang problema niya sa opisina.
His name was cleared, and an apology from the persons involved were made.
Necessary actions from the bosses were imposed, too.

Parang ako naman yung maiiyak sa tuwa. I was so proud of my husband. I am super duper grateful to Him.

Ang lakas-lakas ko talaga sa Inyo, Lord! Ibang klase! Thank you po!

– husband’s mid-year PA (performance appraisal) was also released last Monday, before the solutions to his problems came out. From a 3 (meets expectations) last mid-year 2011, he received a 4 (exceeds expectations) for mid-year 2012. Good job, husband! ❤



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