Tinotopak ang baby ko

Tinotopak ng bonggang-bongga ang baby ko.

Since Sunday, she has not been eating well.
Her lolo bought her lugaw with egg, from our trusted Aling Tessie, knowing that it is one of her favorite food. Naka-3 subo lang. I offered her papaya, konti lang din kinain. I gave her a bottle of Yakult, hindi din naubos.

I cooked Pork Sinigang for lunch. Namapak lang siya ng kangkong. Her dad gave her pineapple to munch, hindi din ginalaw. During siesta, she did not consume her entire 8oz of milk.

Husband even ordered Cheeseburger meal from Mcdonalds, and my SIL bought pizza as a pasalubong for Enzo, ayaw pa din. Dati rati, kaya niya magconsume ng isang large fries!

For dinner, my MIL gave us batchoy (Pateros version). Akala namin kahit paano kakain na ng madami, wala pa din.

Yesterday was the same. During breakfast, she had papaya, mamon, sopas and toasted bread on the table. Tinikman lang lahat. As in tikim lang.

We had sauted pork and sayote for lunch. Dati kahit isang buong cooked sayote, kakainin niya. Her nanny bought Spanish bread for snack, half lang ang kinain. She likes tofu, so we had ‘modified’ pork tofu for dinner (modified kasi may cabbage. Hehe), inayawan din yung tofu.

Today, I prepared fried rice, egg and tuna for her breakfast, nag-ala manok lang siya sa kain. Pabutil butil lang.

One of my aunt-in-law gave us Ginataang Langka and Tinolang Manok for lunch in addition to my fried fish, but to no avail. She still refused to eat well.

I checked her gums to see if there’s a tooth sprouting, or if her gums are swollen, wala naman. I tried touching with slight pressure her tummy to check pain, wala din. I asked her if she has ‘yayay’ (pain or discomfort in her vocabulary’, she’ll answer us ANA (wala).

We’ve been providing her all her favorites these past 3 days. I am starting to get worried kasi nagbabawi palang siya ng na-lose niyang weight after ng constipation issues namin before the holy week, eto nanaman siya. Supplements lang niya ang inaasahan ng katawan niya ngayon.

Buti nalang napakahaba ng pasensiya ni Tita Eva (maybe because she has 6 kids of her own), compared to mine. Kaso lahat na ng pambobola, hindi pa din umuubra.

Mukhang mapapa-aga ang scheduled wellness check up niya, na dapat a week before her second birthday pa (she’s turning 2 on the 30th). Hahahay. Talaga
naman. She’s 3kgs overweight as of January of this year. Last month, 2kgs na lang. After holyweek, her excess weight dropped into 1kg. She still is overweight, but I am very worried that her weight loss persists.

She’s really malikot now, and her body’s demands are increasing. I wonder how can we keep up to those demands if she won’t eat.

We now turn the tv off during meal time. We ask her cousins and other relatives to not to disturb or come over during meal time, not even knock on our door! We let her eat on her table so she can concentrate. Minsan sinusubuan pa din namin siya.

I’ve made all the possible ways to make our food really look presentable and appetizing. I really do not know what to do anymore.

When we pray at night, I let her hear that I ask Mama Mary and Papa Jesus to guide her during meal time.

Yayayay. Help!


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