Stresstabs. Revicon Max. Pharmaton.

First, this is not a paid blog (woooo! Assuming! Hehe)

Second, whatever I write here are all based on our experience.

Third, I don’t mean or intend to destroy other product’s name and reputation. My intention’s purely to share, okay? 🙂

When I first met my husband, the only supplement he’s using is STRESSTABS. According to him, it keeps him awake and alert. Due to work demands, it really did help him since he’s sometimes forced to stay at the construction site for 3 straight days, esp during critical work days, or whenever there’s concrete pouring going on.

Stresstabs keeps him awake, yes, but he doesn’t feel nourished. He can’t focus right, and the down time is really bad. He doesn’t feel hungry, too. Para daw siyang naka-shabu.

When we got together, I ‘forced’ him to switch to ascorbic acid, which he complied. I told him that 500mg of Vit C a day is already a big help. It did a little wonder on him, because he gained the few pounds that he lost, back.

Few months after religiously taking 500mg of Ascorbic Acid everyday, hyperacidity hit him, or so we thought. He tried taking in vit c on a full stomach, but it didn’t help. I told him to decrease his dosage, but the hyperacidity is making him unproductive. Upon check up, he’s diagnosed with ACID REFLUX, a condition where his stomach acid which is supposed to digest his food intake, goes up. His doctor advised to quit on vit c supplement, and consume natural vit c instead, avoid immediately lying down after each meal, consider small, frequent feedings and was prescribed with some medications.

When we got married, he tried using REVICON MAX. He’s very much happy with it. He doesn’t feel so sleepy in the afternoon, no more acid reflux attacks, apetite is moderate, although he gets to sleep a little below 8hrs sometimes, he still feels well rested, his resistance even improved (he doesn’t get flu that much, compared before). It’s not that expensive, too. For Php11.00/tab, it’s really worth it. After almost a year of using it, he feels like his body is slowly becoming immune to it. So we tried PHARMATON.

Kasalanan ni Derek Ramsey to eh! I was listening to Boys’ Night Out (89.9), he was the guest, discussing his lifestyle, and enumerating the benefits of the said supplement. Being Derek’s fan, haha, I convinced my husband to go try Pharmaton (even told him na baka maging kasing macho niya din si Derek! Haha!) so he did. A tablet costs 23.00. After a week, he called it a quits. Since we 3 share the bed, konting galaw namin ni baby, nagigising siya, and he finds it hard to go back to sleep. He became really matakaw too, again. Masyado daw demanding for rest, sleep, food and petix time ang Pharmaton for him. Hehe.

So we went back to Revicon Max, but with 500mg Ascorbic Acid, this time. If he feels like he’s having a flu, he doubles the dose of vit c, and viola! He feels better again. His appetite went back to normal, he doesn’t feel too tired, and he’s able to keep up with his work’s mental demand better than ever, daw.

Though we try not to depend on supplements too much, because I still want him to get his nutritional needs from food, iba pa din yung sigurado.

There. 🙂


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