Simple remedies for your constipated babies

Is your baby constipated? Try these simple tried-and-tested interventions: 😉

1. Papaya, prune (fruit/juice), Pear ( due to their natural laxative properties) and pineapple.

2. Pureed/osteorized okra (which I learned to be very fibrous vs green leafy vegetables), with any green leafy vegetables. Baby loves cold foods, so I store them in the fridge and tell her it’s ice cream!

3. Massage your baby’s tummy. Start at the navel, clockwise (inner to outer abdomen). I can now use baby oil or baby lotion, since baby’s urticaria is very manageable.

4. Increase fluid intake. My target is for my baby to atleast have 60oz of fluid – water, juice or or milk. However, too much water on baby’s already hard stool (stored), can make the situation worse, it hardens the stool more. Parang semento, lalo siyang tumitigas kapag fino-flood ng water. Do gradual increase 🙂 watch out for bloating, too!

5. If your baby’s consuming cow’s milk, you may want to discuss this with your pedia. Cow’s milk contributes to constipation, soya milk does not. Our pedia did not approve soya milk, but advised us to decrease milk:water ratio.

6. Let your baby move! With my case, I play with her legs, after tummy massage, too! Kunyari nag-ba-bike siya. Walang palya, she’ll fart while I do the ‘exercise’! Hehe.

7. Sometimes, the baby gets traumatized of the pain of excreting hard stool. To relieve the pain, I fill her tub with warm water and soak her there for 10-15 minutes everyday. Once relaxed, I gently massage her tummy again.

8. Remove junk food, cooked carrots (mama, a nutritionist-dietitian recommended this), banana, french fries. Lessen dairy products consumption.

9. Do not over rely to prune juice esp the commercialized one, they’ve lesser nutritional values.

10. Iron causes constipation. Red meats are very rich in iron, so decrease them. Ask pedia about multivitamins change, too.

11. Make potty seat and excretion fun! Enzo calls her poop ‘bubu’ now, and she enjoys to hear me say it while doing ‘the deed’, it relaxes her.

12. Letting your baby lie on her left side do help, because the vena cava of the heart is freed from pressure, and oxygen goes easily to the large intestines, helping it’s function 🙂

13. My baby loves wheat bread now! Minus the crust. 🙂

If all else fails, you may consider using suppositories. Just don’t use it for a max of 5 days, consecutive. Baby may become dependent on it, plus the trauma on the anal area it brings.

Suppositories are being sold OTC (Over-the-Counter), and it’s main function is to absorb more water towards the stool and initiate valsalva.

Having a constipated child is not easy. Our pedia said that 45-50% of consultations in his clinic account to toddler constipation. Main reasons are, the babies are very much curious that they want to taste every food they see, they are easily distracted so instead of concentrating to poop, they turn their attention to something else.

Treating constipation takes time. Parents may get frustrated sometimes, or even most of the time, but always keep in mind that our baby’s health is at risk.

If you feel like being a midwife everytime your baby poops, then don’t consider my pieces of advise x_0


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