Dagdagan na yan!

My little tot’s turning two on the 30th.
Time sure flies fast!
Our memories from Enzo’s first few days are still fresh in our hearts and minds.

Because of this, husband and I have been receiving a lot of pressure from friends and some family members that it is about time to give Enzo a little brother/sister. Hah! Para lang silang nanghihingi ng alagang pet! 🙂

Who would not want to have another blessing? Another bundle of joy? Another reason to stay up late at night? Another reason to work harder, and dream higher? Every parents would, I guess.

My father-in-law even told me, ‘habang hindi ka pa nagta-trabaho ulit, lubusin niyo ng sundan si Enzo. Para maiwasan nanaman yung mag pre-term labor ka.’ That was a cute remark, I think. But I am sorry Papa Roy, I just received my DPV shot last April 8, good for one year. So we can not give Enzo a little brother or sister that soon. An OB told me that after April 8, 2013, we still have to wait for 6 months (minimum) before I probably get pregnant again.

Having another baby has been one of husband and I’s frequent discussions. We don’t argue about it. We just enjoy reminiscing our first days, weeks and months of being parents.

How can we forget those days when we have to stay up from 10PM-7AM because baby’s still adjusting to her environment, that no matter what we do to her, she just won’t stop crying. (thanks to mama for teaching me what to do to solve these issues)?

How can we forget that husband and I need to give Enzo a bath before he leaves for work?

How can I forget that once she falls asleep after bath, I have to wash her bottles, do the laundry and eat my lunch in a flash?

How can I forget that I need to feed her every 2 hours and play a little when she’s awake?

How can I forget that once she falls asleep again, I have to iron her clothes then that’s the time I can have a nap, yes, just a nap.

How can I forget that I can only take a bath once my MIL arrives home from work at around 5PM?

How can I forget that I almost lost track of the world outside because I can’t easily go out with friends?

How can I forget the culture shock that I went through?

How can I forget the back, leg, abdominal, labor, and episiotomy pain?

Hehe there’s a lot more to remember. But everyday was a learning experience. For the mean time, we’ll enjoy our small family first. When the right time comes, my husband, Enzo and I will be very much ready to face a new chapter in our lives.

For those who want us to add a new member to our family, relax. Darating din tayo dyan 🙂


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