Rice is the staple food for us, Filipinos. We do eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For some, ‘kaning bahaw’ makes a perfect merienda / snack.

Both my maternal and paternal grandparens were farmers. My parents grew up in the farm, too, it was their playground.

A folksong says, ‘magtanim ay di biro, maghapong nakayuko, hindi naman makaupo, hindi naman makatayo.’

We know very well how farmers work hard to produce our well-loved rice. Rain or shine, work goes on.

For us consumers, we sometimes tend to ignore the hardwork of labor by those farmers.

People waste rice. As a housewife, we are now able to maximize the rice we’ve cooked, avoiding spoilage.

We’re lucky because one of my husband’s benefit includes a rice subsidy. My sister and brother-in-law, too. Mama receives two cavans of rice each month from my aunt in the province. However, that does not give us the right to waste rice.

So these are my suggestions in case there’s left over of rice (a situation we can’t avoid).

1. Fried rice – my baby loves rice rice maybe because it’s tastier, esp if there’s a lot of garlic in it 🙂

2. Porridge / lugaw – we add a little ‘malagkit rice’, lots of ginger, water, roasted garlic and spring onion. Yummy breakfast!

3. Arrozcaldo – just like lugaw, but we do add chicken

4. We also add cold cuts for a more special fried rice – hotdogs, ham, bacon

5. Left over rice and left over adobo makes a super yummy fried rice

6. For a healthier treat, we sometimes add cabbage, peas, carrots, tuna flakes, Baguio pechay to our fried rice.

7. Yang chow fried rice is my favorite treat of all! 🙂 saute garlic, onion, chorizo, red and green bell pepper, celery, dissolved chicken cube in water, little vinegar and soy sauce, egg, salt and pepper and then the left over rice. Hmmmmm.

8. Chili bagoong fried rice is my husband’s bet. Garlic, chili paste, calamansi, shrimp paste(bagoon alamang) and left over rice.

Fried rice for us is best paired with dried fish, tocino, tapa, chicken, egg, hotdogs or salted eggs 🙂

Also, for a better fried rice texture, refrigerate the left over rice, before re-cooking them 🙂

My aunt-in-law also recommends champorado. We are just not so fond of eating it 🙂

If fried rice is not your choice, then just be sure to cook the exact amount of rice that you and your family can consume. Rice and all food tend to get spoiled faster during summer season because of the extreme heat, so be sure to have a quality storage.

I hope that food chains or restaurants will again allow their customers to order an extra half rice.

Lastly, our left over rice can go a longer way. Distribute them to charitable intitutions, just make sure it is still a-okay.


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