A Little Child’s Prayer :)

Enzo’s evening and day prayer:

“ajujujaja shiheaioua naiemodbauagvjiibb. Mandjuuhbejdkdndh. DADDY. ansiygdgeyzhikkn. MOMMY. MIMI. whehdjutgajkoduenkpznahsudbdmeo. MAMA. jdbeudysvbndkxosysbxn. UYA, MAIDS, BEYA, P, BE. ahdjdkekxoxbahxyvbeuwiqoxn. WO, WA. ndncbahayeuwiqlxndhch. NYANNYAN, LIS, I-IS, ITO. andbchwbqidoxjdusnxytu. BUBU AWAW YAYAY, AM-AM, MAMAM, EEK. bdhsjayqyrhfioplmxbvsudhfk. AYOU!”

Didn’t understand any word? Don’t worry, I didn’t too.

What’s so sweet about her prayer is that, everyone in our family is included – her dad, I, her nanny (mama, nakiki-mama lang, naririnig niya kasi sa anak ng bantay niya yung mama), UYA is my nephew Rai, MAIDS is my mom (Mama Aids tawag ng mga apo sa kanya, ayaw ng Lola!), BEYA is my niece Bella. P and BE (Patricia and Kobe are her cousins from my husband’s side).

WO & WA are my parents-in-law.
NYANNYAN is my brother-in-law (his nickname’s yanyan, and he’s the one who taught enzo to call him first name basis!!)

LIS is my sister-in-law (Leiz)
I-IS is my younger sister (Irish, it was my brother who named him i-is because he was so bulol then, and super hirap siya sa Irish)
ITO is my brother, Kenneth. Ito or Tito.

BUBU AWAW YAYAY means ayaw na niya ng masakit na pag-pupu.

AM-AM is food.
MAMAM is water.
EEK is milk.

She must be thanking Papa Jesus for the blessings 🙂 while asking for His guidance.

AYOU is iloveyou.

We didn’t teach her that prayer.
Angel of God kasi ang evening prayer namin dati.
When she learned to make the sign of the cross, that’s when she started saying her own prayers, too.

Closed eyes while both hands are clasped on her chest, pa! Ayaw pa ng kaming 2 lang, dapat pati si daddy, kasama.

And I am a proud parent for my baby’s attitude towards prayers. I’ll continue praying that may she continue to ask the good Lord for guidance.

My husband and I can’t be there for her 24/7 when she starts growing up, unlike today, so a very strong foundation in faith is a good, good preparation for Enzo as she goes through life 🙂

I won’t get tired listening and trying to understand whatever she’s saying during praying time, too.

I know Papa Jesus and Mama Mary love kids and babies, and for sure, Enzo’s prayers are always heard.



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