Kahit nag top siguro ako sa NLE, mahirap pa din

Kahit siguro nag top 1 ako when I took and passed the Nurse Licensure Examination twice in 2006 (dapat naka reiterate yung twice!), hindi ko pa din kakayaning pulutin yung puso kong dinurog durog ng isang pirasong Dulcolax Suppository.

Nabanggit ko na sa ibang post yung tungkol sa constipation ni Enzo. Last Sunday night, husband and I agreed that we’ll insert a suppository on Enzo na.

From 3PM (after we attended Saki Boy’s dedication), I knew that baby’s already feeling the urge to poop. There was a Valsalva maneuver.

I massaged her tummy. Gave her 8oz of prune juice. Let her munched a lot of Papaya. Increased fluid intake. Used an ice cube wrapped in a soft towel, to relieve the soreness of her rectal area. But to no avail.

Sa bawat luhang pumapatak sa mata niya, sampu sa akin.
Sa bawat butil ng pawis, sampu din sa akin.
Sa bawat higpit ng grip niya sa braso ko, dinudurog ang puso ko ng sobra sobra.

Since mas mahina ang loob ng mister ko sa mga ganung pagkakataon (yung anak ko ang nahihirapan), I knew I must and should be extra strong.

While calming down, I asked my husband to prepare the things I’ll need – warm water, soft cloth, lots of drinking water and extra courage 🙂

So there. Initial insertion pa lang, umiyak na si Enzo. I shouted on my husband to come inside the room and hold Enzo’s knees kasi naninipa siya.

Halfway through, parang ayoko na ituloy. While wiggling the suppository, baby whimped and closed her eyes. I pushed the suppository to end the process, wore her shorts back and carried her, in a flash.

She was sobbing.

Five minutes after the insertion, she started pooping while I was carrying her. I didn’t mind the mess, I want to comfort her.

And finally! The long awaited moment! After 4 days, she pooped! I knew she was still in pain kasi ayaw pa niya mag smile agad.

I invited her cousins Pattie and Kobe to play with her para madivert ang attention.

Sows. Ang hirap.


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