Massage. Urticaria. Constipation.

A mommy’s dilemma.

Eversince Enzo’s day 1 on earth, I never missed a single night wihout giving her a whole body oil massage.

I do this to bond with her, to develop closer ties.

If an adult enjoys a massage, how much more a baby?

It also ensure a good night’s sleep for my baby.

I took that chance too to tell her what her body parts are, alam niya na ngayon.

Also, her pedia told us that body massage helps her body develop, her muscles, stronger.

We were also able to lessen her constipation, a major problem we had during her first 6 months, she even developed anal sinus.

I do the I LOVE YOU massage on her back, chest and tummy.

I do the milking the cow on her thighs and legs.

I do the eensy weensy spider massage on her feet and arms.

Thanks to J&J’s chamomile scent oil.

Unfortunately, last month, Enzo developed urticaria. A skin condition that happens when there is a sudden change of climate, either too hot or too cold. Skin rashes and extreme itchiness appear. Daddy also suffers from this condition, genes, oh genes.

We were advised by her pedia to discontinue using oil during massage.

Ang kaso.

One month na kaming walang oil sa massage.

Her constipation, no matter how fibrous her diet is, came back.

Nakaka awa siya makita na hirap na hirap mag pupu.

Partly, may fault din siguro ako na nawili siya sa massage.

She’s on a super high-fiber, low carb diet.

I also included prune juice.

We’re also closely monitoring her anal sinus (a mild case of hemorrhoid for babies).

In case bumalik kasi or mag-worsen, our pedia might decide to surgically remove it. Ohhhhh no!

Parang mas hindi kaya ng puso ko yon.


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