Creamy Chicken Malunggay Pesto



i actually got the pesto recipe from my previous boss. I just did a little modifications, and voila! Ni-re-request pa ng mga cousins-in-law ko kahit pa not everyone appreciate pesto’s taste especially the texture 🙂 originally, pesto sauce is made up of fresh lemon basil leaves, it’s affordable naman (around Php20-25) per 100grams, but not all groceries have them as fresh as you want it. Dahil may malago kaming malunggay sa ‘backyard’, why not use them, di ba?


Malunggay leaves
Minced garlic
Peanuts (not the salted one)
Lemon (kalamansi will do)
Pesto vinaigrette (if you choose to use malunggay alone, it’ll be a little bitter. Kung okay lang sa iyo, then use canola or olive oil instead of vinaigrette)
Nestle cream
Chicken breasts – grilled (you can use chicken nuggets if too tamad to grill)
Pasta of your choice


1. In a blender, add malunggay leaves (cleaned and detached from stem), peanut, garlic, lemon, and vinaigrette).

2. Pulse the ingredients together, or until everything’s mixed (green na lang ang dominating color)

3. You can fridge the remaining sauce for future use (pizza pesto tastes good, too!)

4. In a heated pan, pour about a cup of the pesto mixture. Just wait for the sauce to bubble a bit.

5. Add Nestle cream. You can add more if you want it creamier, pero baka mawala na yung lasa ng pesto. Add cheese.

6. Toss in cooked pasta. Once pasta is completely covered with sauce, top it with chicken and cheese.



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