Own Car

When Peewee was still single, he owns an owner type jeepney, a Mazda, a scooter and a Fury.

During our house renovation, we have to sell his owner type jeepney and his Mazda.

In October 2010, we decided to try our luck by venturing out into a juice stand business. This time, it was his scooter that was sold.

Before 2010 ended, we both decided to let go of his Fury. Only because we became really afraid of the motorcycle accidents that we hear everyday.

Being a new father, he became really paranoid of what might happen to him. My mom’s words kept ringing into his ears daw – yang motor, flying coffin daw yan sabi ng papa niyo.

The proceeds went directly into our savings account.

Since then, naging suki na kami ng cab. My father-in-law always lends us his car, pero ma-pride kasi si husband. Minsan, palay na lumalapit sa manok, ayaw pa. Oh well.

On April 2011, a brand new Toyota Altis was issued to Peewee by his company. It was such a relief for him since his work demands him to go from one place to another. Mabait si Lord eh, may kotse na, may gas allowance pa 🙂

However, due to nature of his work also, hassle gamitin ang Sedan. He has to load some equipments, machines and huge stuff, at hindi kasya sa kotse. Malalaspag lang yung kotse.

After discussing things with his bosses, the Altis was replaced with a second hand Isuzu Pick-Up. Demoted, yes. Pero hassle-free.

Basta tumatakbo daw, at may gas allowance pa din, carry na. The pick-up is what we use now.

Happy naman kami kahit nu’ng wala pang sariling sasakyan. Nakakapamasyal pa din. We almost bought our own car in 2010. Super duper almost. Good thing we didn’t push through with it, maybe it’s not yet the right time.

Until now, we still dream of our own car. In God’s time, He will provide.



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