First Succesful Attempt: POTTY TRAINING

Last night was a new milestone in my baby’s life. After dinner, while everyone’s busy cleaning our mess, husband noticed that my baby was sitting on a corner, very quiet. He asked Enzo what’s wrong and she only pointed her tummy. I asked her if she feels like pooping, she nodded.

I brought her to the restroom and assisted her on our ‘throne’. Blame me because I have not cleaned her potty seat yet. After few minutes of sitting, I felt her grip tightened, and voila! A succesful poop! Hehe.

Although she already knows how to call our attention when she needs to pee, (saving us from diaper, she only wears them during bed time)iba pa din yung kagabi.

We consider it a milestone because:

Unless you did not know so, then you need to realize that potty training is a very important part of your parenting in the earlier years of the life of your child. Potty training is so important for the development of your child. If you do not start out with some potty training for your child, then you would greatly harm your child over the rest of your child’s life. Potty training is a great way to get your child to develop and to help your child become much more independent. This is a great way for your child to grow. This will help your child become the person they will start becoming in a few years. If you are worried about potty training, then you need to think about buying some books on potty training to make sure you can do the best job possible with your potty training endeavors.


So there, as far as I can remember my Psychiatric Nursing, potty training is the ‘hold on or to let go’ stage of any child. If the baby’s able to excrete / evacuate the poop, she considers that a gift for her parents / primary care giver. It is instilled in her mind that everytime she does something good, the people around her will be glad and happy. If the excretion is unsuccesful, the baby will have this thinking that it’s okay to not to give in to what the elders want. Nagiging sutil.

Moreover, the parents should not forget to praise the kid with every little good thing she’s done. A fair reward system is also fine.

Good job, little Enzo! 🙂


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