Belated Happy Valentine’s Day

Belated happy valentine’s day!

I am a hopeless romantic. I always believed in fairy tales. Flowers. Chocolates. Dates. Sweet nothings. Letters. Promises. Surprises.

When Peewee and I started dating, he never failed to surprise me. There’s a stuffed animal left on my barrack’s room, heart shaped chocolates, notes left on my site clinic, food on my drawer, flowers.

He ain’t a grandeus giver, though. His gifts are simple, and I must say, not too expensive. What amazed me are his conversational skills. He speaks well, he’s not a book smart, he speaks his mind, and I can always drag him to talk about anything under the sun – politics, religion, principles, work and showbiz! 🙂 He is very street smart.

Eventually, I’ve appreciated that way more.

I’ve dated men (men talaga?), who provides me expensive gifts, but easily gets bored, and all they want to talk about are themselves.

I’ve dated men who’ll bring me to fine dining restaurants, but has never made me laugh my ass out.

I’ve dated men wherein I can’t be myself because his friends’ girlfriends are like this, his female barkadas are like that, or his tropa won’t be too happy.

To hell with them.

No, I am not comparing those men with my husband. What I am saying is, sometimes, the simplest things can bring us the most joy, and contentment.

My husband has not given me a bouquet with dozens of assorted flowers yet, but I am happy with his 3 white roses and a handwritten note, everytime there’s a special occasion. I am touched that he initiates to buy me stuff that he knows will be very useful to me – from my Espadrilles, running shoes, sneakers, Havs slippers, wrist watches, tops and pants to my facial and fem wash, toner, moisturizer, cologne, sanitizer, toothbrush and even dental floss!

Plus, he won’t just hand me those stuff. Laging may gimik! A little too bad for him, I am such a surprise spoiler! Mahina mag-secret eh! ;p


Cliche as it may sound, IT’S STILL THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS



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