Santa Martha’s feast


Tomorrow’s the feast of Santa Martha here in Pateros. Just like the past two feasts that I’ve experienced, I wish that it would still be as fun and as peaceful.

The oldies who still are very dedicated to the celebration are now very busy preparing food 🙂

My husband’s family, who never failed to dress up their statue of Santa Martha had already dressed Her up, and her float has been decorated with lots of flowers.

I look forward to their unique way of procession where people carry the floats and dance with it.

I am also excited with the annual ‘pasubo’ where every household ‘throws’ in food, drinks, etc to those who are in the procession.

It has been Nana’s (husband’s grandmother) tradition to feed the members of the band/musiko come lunch time. This year, the lunch will be held here in our mini-garden, food courtesy of Nana, still!

Mother-in-law and I have been very busy cleaning the little space beside our home for tomorrow’s event 🙂

So there, I have a lot of reasons to thank our Dear Santa Martha. Just to share, I asked Santa Martha to help me have a safe delivery last February of 2010, my first feast here. On February 2011, I thanked her for listening to my prayers and again asked for help so we can celebrate Enzo’s first birthday decently.

For this year, I have another set of prayers, and I hope she can help me send them to God.



Segue: today is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes ❤


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