Annual Physical Exam

I had my APE (Annual Physical Examination) done last Friday. The test includes a CBC (Complete Blood Count), Urinalysis, Fecalysis, XRay and Physical Assessment.

The PA part includes past and present medical history taking. Having a family history of Hypertension (paternal and maternal), Diabetes Mellitus (paternal), & Cancer (maternal), my attending physician decided that I should undergo another set of laboratory tests.

As early as 8AM, I am already at the Fortune Care Clinic in Pasig. I was on NPO (Nothing Per Orem) since 8PM last night (and I am already hungry! Hehe).

There were a lot of patients on qeueu. Good thing, my AP noted my chart that I’ll be back for the tests she requested, I need not wait long.

There. My APE results were released, and everything’s good. My Urinalysis says nothing about the illness I had last time 🙂 I just have to wait for another 3 days for the results of the tests I had today.

By the way, husband and I already had an agreement that we’ll submit ourselves for Blood Chemistry, Lipid Profile, Fasting Blood Sugar, Uric Acid, Oral Glucose Challenge / Tolerance Test, T1 and T2 (father-in-law has hyperthyroidism, he underwent Thyroidectomy in 2009) tests annually. We’ll take advantage of our HMO, and a doctor who happens to be a family friend says it’s a very good idea 🙂

*ECG (ElectroCardioGram) will be made once we reach 35 daw 🙂



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