Gadget-less us :)


The year i lost not just 1, not 2, not 3, but 6 mobile phones!
Yes, 6! The worst happened in Global City. My then boyfriend, now my husband, were about to cross an intersection back to our site office. Before crossing the street, I checked my phone for any messages, and placed it on my left pocket. Peewee was on my right. When we reached the other side of the road, which took us less than 10 seconds, my phone was GONE! That fast! We tried calling my number but it was already turned off. Ibang klase!

After the incident, i lost my interest in gadgets. When I was about to purchase a replacement phone, my Sony T5 digital camera, it’s charger, and the pouch where I keep it was stolen from my bag, it happened in Guadalupe, Makati City.

Peewee wanted to give me a new ‘high end’ phone. Something that I can both use as a phone and as acamera, para isa nalang daw kasi ang bitbit ko, but i refused.

I went back to basic. Black and white lang yung binili ko, worth 2000.00Php 🙂 walang camera, walang gprs, walang mms. Awa ni Lord, buhay pa siya ngayon. Hindi na pinag-iinteresan ng mga mandurukot.

Husband’s last high end gadget purchased was a P990i in 2008. He used it for one month lang. Nanawa daw siya sa features, and it’s too complicated for him. I am the using it now for my globe sim kasi pinapagamit ko na sa mama ko yung b&w phone, para may sun sim sila sa bahay sa bulacan since may sun din kami ni hubby.

My sun sim is a post paid line which came with a samsung champ unit. When hubby’s company issued a post paid line to him, he also got one for me. Both our globe lines are prepaid, and hubby’s globe phone is also a b&w 🙂

We don’t even own our own laptop. Hubby has a desktop which was purchased in 1998 pa! He bought my sister-in-law her iwn laptop because she needs it at school. We only borrow her laptop when we need it.

Besides, husband can not do his AutoCadd drawings with a laptop, hassle daw.

Last December, my sister-in-law wanted to buy a Samsung Galaxy Y from her boss. The unit was brand new, but it was offered to her half the price. To ‘move’ her assets, she sold some of her gadgets that will redudate her future samsung galaxy y 🙂

That includes her old samsung phone, which she sold to u at 200Php (Original price is 999). We gave it to my mom as our new year’s day gift ;p

We now own her Ipod touch gen 4. We bought it at 5k (original price: 13k). She had it for one year, and it was well taken good care of.

The Ipod touch is now my ally in blogging. Thanks to our wifi connection, I can write kahit nasa restroom ako 🙂

Kaya naman pasensya sa madalas na typo error, dear readers (assuming maramu kayo). Ang hirap mag-edit! Basta buo ang thoughts, carry na, di ba?

Ayon. I am not against having the latest gadgets, it’s our choice not to have one naman. Or maybe, not this time. 🙂


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