FB Account: deactivated

Just like my friendster and multiply accounts, i created my facebook account to re-connect with old friends. People that i have not seen for years and to share a part of what’s going on with my life.

These social networking sites playe a huge role in some of my life’s milestones. When my husband and i found out that we’re pregnant, a lot were surprised. When I announced that i’ll be changing my last name in a few week’s time, most of my friends wished me well. When i gave birth, many envied my adorable kud. When my father died, long distance friends were able to extend their condolences. It’s me who my mom’s friends contact for updates. And a lot lot more.

Lately, facebook has been my avenue to express myself. There’s this someone who really gets into my nerve. A blog post entitled WALANG MASAMANG BUTO can explain the details.

We’ve been exchanging hurtful words via our fb status. Honestly, i have been very affected. I no longer feel that it’s still healthy. Aileen, a good friend, convinced me to initiate the steps since i do not want this kind of set up for the rest of our lives.

I decided to deactivate not just my account, byt my husband and my baby’s, too. I know i will be tempted to reactivate it soon, but i am praying that God will help me resist the temptation.

I don’t want to say anything against that person anymore. I am realizing that my heart’s full if hatred and all i think of is revenge. Believing that i am the one who understands the situation better, i have to give way.

I am not waving the white flag. I just want that person to realize that there’s still room for us to be friends, only if that person allows me.

Heaven knows i do not want enemies.

Some may raise their eyebrows again with my action, but i don’t care, it’s my account anyway.

I pray for peace of mind and a loving heart, again.



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