2 years of love and loving :)


Lemme share my second wedding anniversary letter for my husband. We celebrated our anniversary last January 28, 2012 🙂 Love, love, love, love!

Lucky is the man who becomes the first of a woman. But blessed is the woman who becomes the man’s last.

Our love story was extraordinary. We didn’t become instant friends. It took us a while to get to know each other. But it was fate that brought us nearer.

Obstacles are no longer new. Many have raised their eyebrows when we declared our love publicly, some even disagreed. But you never left me in proving them wrong.


It’s so nice to wake up each morning with you and Enzo on my side. The day’s always worth it when you both hug and kiss me before I retire at night.

We’ve been very blessed. The struggles we’ve been through made me love you more.

It’s amazing to discover new things about you everyday.

Dreams never seem to be impossible when I discuss it with you.

I love you for all the reasons that a woman loves a man. In return, you always make me feel loved for all the reasons that a man loves a woman.

With just one look in your eyes, I can see all our dreams, goals and aspirations coming through.

There will be a lot in store for us as husband and wife, and I fear nothing because we have each other.

You’re a friend, a bestfriend, a companion, an ally.

You listen when I want to talk and you talk when you want me to listen.

Thank you for your patience. I don’t know where you get it, but I am thankful.

Thank you for being my nurse when I am sick.

Thank you for thanking me even with the simplest deed.

Thank you for letting me cry whenever I feel like to. Hehe.

You’re my strength, my voice when I can’t speak, my feet when mine feels like melting.

Thank you for all our kilig moments.

We may have some unresolved issues, but I am glad we only laugh at them now.

Thank you for presenting me solutions to our problems instead of imposing them.

I pray that we continue to love each other. If there’s such thing as forever, then I love you forever. If there’s none, I still would.

May we both continue to be a blessing to each other and to everyone around us.

Cheers to our good work!
Cheers to you for having me! Hahaha.
Cheers to more hot, steamy nights! *wink.
Cheers to our travel plans.
Cheers to our future kids!
Cheers to the LIFETIME ahead of us!

Thank you for being a very good provider. Thank you for making me a housewife. Thank you for all the things that I should be thankful of (but can’t remember).

Thank you for the trust in my abilities.
Thank you for being my number 1 fan.
Thank you for allowing and encouraging me to grow with my own individuality, still.

Sorry for not saying enough sorry. Sorry for the ‘crankiness’ in me, sometimes!

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary!

We’ll continue counting till we lost count, okay?!

Truly Yours,

Mommy 🙂


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