Sick Me

I am sick.

I have been having lower back and abdominal pain since Friday.
I also feel that everytime I urinate, my bladder does not empty completely, there’s also pain.
My head throbs, too.

I knew very well why.

Last 2007, I was told that I’ve developed kidney stones. Contributing factors were the free iced tea, coffee, chips here & there during my eTel days. Our bio (banyo) breaks should not exceed 2 minutes, so the tendency was to hold onto oir urge to urinate.

Thanks to the doctors of Makati Medical Center who patiently took good care of me. I need not go under the knife procedures.

That’s why I got so worried yesterday when I can’t even get off the bed because of pain. I used the restroom for more than 40x!

When hubby arrived at 8pm last night, he told me I looked pale. I didn’t tell him what I’ve been feeling since Friday. So when I confessed, he was a little disappointed. Kaya daw pala cranky na ako, akala niya, side effect lang ng DPV (depo-provera) shot.

He immediately decided to bring me to the hospital that very minute. I disagreed. I asked him to buy me more buko juice (kahit nakaka-lima na ako the whole day). He also made a concoction of Banaba leaves.

I barely slept. I kept on turning and whimpering, but hubby never failed to massage my back and offer comforting words. He even hugged me while we were lying down, kahit alam kong uncomfortable siya sa ganun.

Pagsikat na pagsikat ng araw, he woke me up and drove me to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City. It’s nearer, and they accommodate patients a lot faster than the previous hospitals we use to go to.

He didn’t stay long, though. He has a scheduled ExComm (Executive Committee) meeting, and I don’t want him to miss it. He wasn’t there, but my phone never stopped ringing because of his SMS. ang sweet, kasi obvious na patakas lang, mali-mali na spelling eh, hehe!

Going back to SLMC-GC, I had a series of laboratory tests. After almost 2 hours, I was discharged. That fast!

My kidneys are fine naman.
They can not even consider / rule out UTI because my urinalysis results are normal. I am a little dehydrated lang daw kaya concentrated ang urine.

My attending physician prescribed an antibiotic (which costs 265php 3x a day, for one week!) hahay! I also have to lessen my salty intake. Oh no! So sad!

No chips, no carbonated drinks, not even coffee!
Ang booooooooring!!!! Hehehe.

I hope I get well soon. I do not want to spoil the incoming long week end in bed. Andami namin naplano na.

Thank you sa lahat ng well wishers ko.
Thank you sa staff ng SLMCGC.
Thank you sa iyo, Mr. Rodriguez!


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