Tampururot na misis

I was reading another blog about her husband’s time for her. I can’t help but post my own entry bevause I share the same sentiments.

I am an attention seeker. I feel more loved if hubby can spend more time with us. However, there really are times when he just have to sacrifice some quality time due to work demands.

Hubby works for one of the biggest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Group) in the Philippines, owned by one of the well-known conglomerates nationwide. He is assigned in the corporate office, hamdling 3 of the company’s business units in NCR, 1 in Baguio, 1 in Subic and in Cebu.

He seldom stay at their corporate office in Ortigas because he has to visit all the B.U.s in Manila. If the executives require him to visit the provincial offices, he just can’t say no, even if that means cancelling some of our long-planned trips.

His phone never stops ringing, too! He once showed me his call register, with 70 received calls in his 8am-6:30pm shift! Most of the time, people still calls him even when he’s already home.

Since he is in the corporate world now, he also meets a lot of people. He mentions different names he meet everyday – contractors, developers, suppliers, LGUs, bosses, customers. Pwede na siyangag-politiko sa dami ng koneksyon niya!

That makes me jealous, BEFORE.
I get jealous of those people.
I get jealous of his time for work.
I get jealous of how important his phonecalls are.

I became very demanding of him. I would always get mad if he has to render overtime – weekdays or weekends. I allow him to work extended hours, but I make sure to give him the coldest treatment possible, once he arrives home. I would cry when he won’t pick the phoe up or amswer my text messages.

Thanks to my husband’s patience kasi never niya ako pinatulan. He never grew tired of explaining why he has to do those things.

With prayer and our joint effort, we were able to conquer those things. It also took us a year to adjust.

Basta alam niyang magiging super hectic niya sa office tje following week, pumupondo siya ng bonding sa amin ni Enzo. We’d go out, eat and go into places na malapit lang. Mas dumalas din ang bonding time namin before and after his super busy week.

He also involved me in his office planning, having a background in Occupational Health and Safety and a little on Human Resources (esp CompenBen) and Admin tasks, he now asks for my opinions for his projects. I lend him my materials, let him read my proposals with previous employer, and all the stuff that might help him. Most of what I suggestef is already being implemented in his office! Nice no?

Slowly, he introduced me to his officemates. Esp now that I am more free to go out, we would have little tete-a-tete with them afterwork.

I’ve learned to make use of time more productively while waiting for him in case he’ll come home late. I bond with our baby, or with my parents-in-law.

In fact, I was even the one who shopped for the costumes he needed for all his 6 Christmas parties, yes 6! I actually enjoyed it!

Now, everytime he comes home late, I stay up awake so I can prepare food for him, make a cup of coffee and in as much, CONTROL MY SELF not to ‘tampo’.

Mas naging masaya.
Nakakapagod pala kasi magalit and magtampo.
Nakaka-guilty din because all of his hardworks are for us – for me and for Enzo.

Ayun, thanks Kat for inspiring me with this blog :))


One thought on “Tampururot na misis

  1. You’re welcome. Funny cos while i was reading the first few sentences, i already know whom you were referring to. Hehe. We both have workaholic husbands but they make a way to make us feel loved and well taken care of everyday, right? we’re blessed! 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

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