My 26th Birthday

I turned 26 last November 20.

I have been living for 2 and a half decades now! Hehe.

All I wished for my birthday was a quality time with my daughter and my husband.

A day before my birthday, my mama-in-law invited us to check the Ayala Lights and Sounds Spectacle. Daddy did’t make it with us because he has some important errands to do in the office as always!

Bumawi naman siya. When we arrived home, he was already there. After a little chitchat, I proceeded to the places I usually check in first kapag galing sa labas. Sa first location, I saw a gift, kaka-touch super because I badly needed it!

Siyempre, picture taking. Sa second location, meron pa ulit isa. Mas surprising and touching yung laman. Himala daw at hindi ko na-spoil yung surprise niya this time. Hehehe.

On exactly my birthday, he did not turn the ACU off until Enzo and I woke up at 9AM! Para mahimbing daw ang tulog namin, though we usually turn it off at 4 🙂

Although he really is in charge of breakfast every weekends, he made it extra special by making the coffee himself, 3-in-1 lang kasi siya mahusay!

He prepared our lunch, too! He also invited my cousins-in-law that night and we all sang our hearts out! Czarina did one of her specialty concoction of drinks, which I can not even remember what it’s called. Hehe. Dad financed the drinks, ofcourse, as well as the chips, and etc. Papa-in-law even took charge of looking after Enzo so we could enjoy more 🙂

It was a simple celebration.

I thank God for another year in my life.

I pray for wisdom and patience.

I pray for understanding, too.

I pray for courage to admit my shortcomings and strength to overcome them.

I continue to pray for good health for everyone dear to me.

I pray that all of my heartaches be completely healed.

I pray that Enzo grows up smart, wise, kind and a God-fearing fine lady.

I pray for dad’s continuous career success.

I pray for my papa’s eternal repose.

I pray for continuous blessings and abundance.

I thank God for letting me feel pain, a good sign of a healthy emotions.





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