Letter to Self

Dearest Karen,

Remember when you were a little girl?
All you have to worry are your homeworks and playmates and playtime?
Those times when all your wound’s pains are relieved by mama and papa’s kisses?

Time sure flies fast.
Fast forward to today, you have grown into a fine young lady.
The kind of woman that your mama and papa dreamt of having.

You are now a mom and a wife.

The you is now an us.
The I is now a we.
The mine is now an ours.

Your goals are their goals.
Your dreams are their dreams.
Your successes are their success.

Your pain, tears and disappointments are also theirs.

This year, you will accomplish to step up from being an Officer, and your dream not to retire as a rank-and-file employee will slowly come true. You have nothing against R&F employees, each and everyone has their own dreams for their career.

Don’t worry about your dream to be married in a Church. In God’s will, your husband and you will be able to pull off the best wedding ceremony possible.

Ignore those who say bad things behind your back. Do not waste your time and energy on those kind of people. If people dislike you, it does not mean that you have done something wrong towards them. Ignoring those people does not make you a lesser person.
Always bear in mind that your husband has chosen you, it was his decision, not theirs.

For this year:

Work hard.
Laugh harder.
Forgive more.
Pray most.




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