Zonia Piyarhoie

My baby’s whole name is ZONIA PIYARHOIE (ro-wi).

ZO – from my papa’s nickname, Sonny.
NIA – from my mama’s name, Anazaida.
PIYA – from my childhood nickname, kurdaPIYA.
RHOIE – from my mom and dad-in-law’s name, Roy and Winnie.

Daddy wanted the letters Q W X Y or Z for the baby’s name. Since his dream car is a Ferrari, we adapted the owner’s name, ENZO, for our baby’s nickname. Noong wala pa kaming maisip na name, we would address the baby as BEBE BOY / BEBE GIRL RODRIGUEZ. hehe

All the while, we thought that we’ll be having a baby boy because I was an ugly pregnant lady! We also checked several Chinese calendars that would predict your baby’s gender based on the date of your conception, and boy nga daw. Since we had our gender check ultrasound when we were already 8 months, (3x kaming nagpa-gender check,and Enzo would always cross her legs!), na-mind set na kaming boy nga. Yun pala, baby girl! She’s so likot din! My OB told me to expect my baby move 20x a day at an average. In my case, she moves more than 20x a minute!

No she waan’t hyperactive naman daw, very healthy lang talaga. Even my OGCT – oral glucose challenge test results were normal all throughtout my pregnancy!

Going back to my baby’s name, everyone’s now concerned that she may encounter difficulties in school lalo pag nag-start na magsulat. Some even say na baka PASS YOUR PAPERS na, name palang siya! Talo pa yung commercial na 7 lang ang nasagutan, nag aral naman siya. Hehe. Mama is also worried na baka magaya si enzo sa kanya. Her nickname’s baby, that’s why everytime her teachers call out ANAZAIDA, she wouldn’t respond, hindi daw siya yun, si Baby daw siya. Kulet!

Oh well, Enzo’s starting to scribble. She enjoys holding a pen drawing lines and circles. In a few months, we might introduce her to letter writing na. She also enjoys sitting on my lap while I show her colorful pictures. Her memory’s good, too! Isang pakita lang, alam niya na balikan! Bright di ba?

Whatever future issues she’ll face in school with regard to her name, WE WILL JUST CROSS THE BRIDGE WHEN WE GET THERE. Besides, sayang naman ang engineering alphabet na alam ni daddy at ang psychosocial and psychological developments na natutunan ng mommy, di ba?



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