Uberly blessed

I’m back!
Ang haba ng hibernation ko!
Na-miss ko sumulat.

I’ve a lot to share.
First things first.
I have been a housewife for 8 months now, no regrets! 😉

During my first few days of being a housewife, I can’t help but worry about our finances. But God really has His own way of
telling us not to.

A day after I cried a river because the Notice of Lay Off was issued, hubby also brought home his own notice. It was his AMI- Annual Merit Increase 🙂

His bosses have given him an increase due him based on his performance, and I am very proud that he’s one of those who received the highest appraisal. The increase was well enough to cover the expenses that we usually take off from my pay!

Then, the ber months came. Hubby and I again started tk think on how to celebrate the Yuletide season the most decent way possible, and without forgetting those who stayed with us through the year.

We prayed hard. We did a lot of computations and analyses.

When November came, God answered our prayer. Dad came home one night carrying a piece of paper. While reading what’s written, I can’t help but be awed.

He, again was given a salary increase and a little promotion! That really was an early Christmas gift for our family.

Blessings never stopped pouring in, too. My severance pay from NR arrived, a portion of my amelioration was issued, there was my tax refund, and my uniform allowance adjustment was given.

We were able to reach our target savinga for 2011 as early as November 5! Our cooperative investment has already earned its interests!

Thank you po, Lord!


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