VP for Operations

I’ve been in and out of job interviews after the NLRC lay off.

I’ve sent applications to several prospectives.

Attended screenings.

Been asked a lot of questions.

Sometimes, a friend, who was also laid off, and I would make fun of how interviews are conducted.

They’ll start with a warm greeting and a firm handshake, followed by asking if how should he/she call you (kahit pa may form na pina-fill-out-tan asking for your nickname).

Among all of the interviews, I had one which I consider the worst.

The VP for Operations requested her Recruitment Officer to meet me at 1PM, sharp, must be a very busy woman. I arrived at 12:30. Waited for 3 hours. I was called inside her officer at almost 4. The interview didn’t go well. Why? She started telling me how bad NLRC was, according to what she’s read and heared. Ranted that the NLRC people are getting way too much salary because the people behind the company are taking the money from the taxpayers. Voiced out that we are a bunch of incompetent employees acting like a group of crocodiles along mangrove trees waiting to be fed and doing nothing.

It really shocked me. The interview didn’t come out as an interview, really. I felt blood rushing to my head. I didn’t say a word. She asked if what I can say, I calmly answered, “I respect your opinions, and views. However, I am not in the position to either confirm or deny your accusations. I am willing to provide you NLRC’s phone numbers, esp the Public Affairs Office. Now, if I may excuse myself.”

She said yes, I may go. I left the office being chased by the HR manager, all apologies.

I promised not to comeback at that office, and not to even think of that company again, ever.

I’ve several favorites, too.

But I vow not to talk about them until I feel like to. Hehe labo.

That’s all for now.

P.S. beware of that VP for Operations! 


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