I already mentioned in my previous blog about my ‘projects’ for April and May. Out of 6, I am down to 2 more!

1. Hubby was able to make a new dining table from a stainless stand we’ve purchased for only 300Php! It’s stainless, so we are rest assured it won’t be rusted. It’s more sturdy, cuter and CHEAP!

2. Mama and brother-in-law actually helped us with this one. Since Enzo enjoys eating with us during meal time, they decided to buy it for us 🙂

3. I already repaired Dad’s pants and polo barong’s loose buttons. Thanks to my THE / TLE teacher! =)

4. Have not purchased a new set of hanky yet. Ano bei!

5. Will be meeting our agent (for the insurance provider of our choice) for the contract signing of Enzo’s educational plan! Yihee!

6. Enzo’s birthday party is all set – invitations were already given out, venue, food, party favors are all paid, give aways were ordered, program is set, AVP is half way through!

Thank You, thank You Lord for providing us our needs! Finances, strength, patience, good friends, chances! Thank You! We adore You, we love You!


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