10 reasons why Marcos should not be declared a hero

One question for those insisting on a hero’s burial for Ferdinand Marcos: Are you high?

Let me just clarify that we’re talking about the same Ferdinand Marcos here, okay? Perhaps you mean Ferdinand Marcos, Junior? If so, then okay, I would also like to see him buried as a hero. Now.

I suspect, however, that we are referring to the Ferdinand Marcos: dictator, plunderer, bogus war hero. And you still want a hero’s burial for him? Again, I am compelled to ask: Have you been sniffing burnt toxins from the Payatas dump? Have you been ingesting copious amounts of vetsin? Have you been hanging out with Ronald Singson?

Must we really go through the reasons why this would be a travesty? Fine. Here are the top 10 reasons why, some of them dredged up from the depths of my frustration.

#1. An estimated10,000 Filipinos killed, tortured and brutalized during Martial Law.  That’s already 10,000 reasons but let me continue.

#2. His widow will be entitled to a pension. And we all know she’s already got enough cash—our cash.

I have a theory: we will stand an ever lesser chance of getting our money back from them. How can any court seize property/funds that belong to a “hero”? That’s like attempting to impound Rizal’s ancestral home in Laguna (assuming JR stole anything, which he didn’t).

#3. Fake war medals. FAKE.  Which bit of “fake war medals” is ambiguous? Okay, he might have served in a clerical position with the US Army but the rest of his alleged heroic exploits have been exposed as lies. The US Army has never acknowledged the existence of the guerrilla unit he claimed to have led (Ang Mga Maharlika), nor rewarded him for his alleged bravery at the Battle of Bessang Pass. Why should he be buried with real heroes?

#4. Which brings us to Ka Boni Gillego. Not only did he expose Marcos’s fake medals, he also served as a truly honourable member of the House of Representatives. Now there’s a great man. Want to spit on Ka Boni’s grave? Make Marcos a hero.

#5. DECS will have to revise all history textbooks to glorify Marcos and depict the Martial Law era as a peaceful and prosperous epoch in Philippine history. Sayang ang papel. Save the trees, save the planet!

#6. About 25 years from now, a young, brilliant and ambitious politician will run for Congress, then for the senate, then for President. Then he’ll proclaim that he will save the nation from communism/terrorism/climate change, round up all his critics and throw them in jail, proclaim himself President for life and loot the national coffers dry. Guess which history books he had been reading as a child?

#7. Speaking of revisionism, we will have to declare Pinochet, Suharto, Duvalier, Somoza and the entire barkada of tyrants and crooks from that era heroes, as well. Oh, and let’s not forget Muammar Gadaffi, though he’s still alive and being overthrown by enraged Libyans. When he, um, exits from this world, he’ll have to be declared a hero, too. It’s all for the sake of consistency. Can’t make one tyrant a hero while the others stay tyrants—it’s not fair.

Hey, why not go further? Why not also re-classify Hitler as a hero and the Holocaust as a hoax? (Warning: Making these assertions in public will land you in jail in many European countries.)

#8. Amay Bisaya will be vindicated. All this time he has professed that the Apo was a patriot and now he’ll be proven right. Amay Bisaya gloating and doing the dance of joy. Sit there and contemplate that image.

#9. It will validate the decision of 216 members of the House of Representatives. Do you really want to give any satisfaction to those scumbags?

It is our moral obligation as responsible Filipino citizens to deny these sleazy lowlifes any form of happiness. They have no qualms about doing it to us. There they sit in that hall, claiming to represent us, addressing each other as “Honorable,” enjoying the perks of our democracy while savaging it, along with our history.

Here’s news for the 216: no one will remember you in 20 years’ time. But next elections, we will.

#10. Marcos built his own monument to himself—that automatically disqualifies him from being a hero. There is one inviolable rule for would-be heroes. All great men and women know it, though it’s not written anywhere: You cannot honor yourself in any way while you’re still alive. It’s just not done. It marks you out as an egomaniac—not hero material.

A portrait is fine; all presidents have their portraits painted for posterity. An autobiography is acceptable. But a bust the size of an asteroid is never cool.Sobrang laki ng ulo. Literally and figuratively.

I guess tyrants cannot be modest by definition. I doubt whether they understand that greatness is like a nickname: you cannot give it to yourself; others must confer it upon you. – Newsbreak


I don’t have a personal experience with the Marcoses, but my parents, my grandparents, aunts and uncles, did. I’ve read enough from History books, watched from documentaries and heard all the stories. Yes, there were ‘good deeds’, but are those enough to compensate the negativities that happened during Mr. Marcos’ time? Just asking.


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