Projects =)


Mid of last month, husband and I listed down some projects that we need to accomplish before Enzo celebrates her first birthday.

Let me share some:
1. A new dining table.

~ on my 25th birthday, a new dining table was one of my birthday wish. We do have one at home, however, it was a hand-me-down from Mama E. you know the foldable tables? There. Malapit na siyang sumara/tumiklop ng kusa. To make thigns light, we would make fun of it by saying, ‘lagi kasi tayong maraming naihahain, kaya titiklop na ang table’.
~ Last Sunday, Daddy made sure to accomplish this. Guess what? It only costs us Php700.00! Stainless ito, ha! =)

2. Enzo’s high chair.

~ thanks to my mother and brother-in-law for this very nice gift! Haha!

3. Repair dad’s pants and uniforms.

~Daddy uses polo barongs for his uniform. though all of them are from Obra ni Juan, the designs were exclusively made for their company, kaya hindi kami makabili ng bago, hehe. Since, some of his uniforms already lose the buttons, I promised to sew it back, as well as his pants. Time to practice my THE (Technology and Home Economics) skills.

dad's 4 sets of uniform

4. Purchase new sets of handkerchief.

~ Hindi ko maintindihan kung saan napupunta ang mga hanky namin. Basta, unti-unti ng nauubos. Haha.

5. Make a downpayment for Enzo’s educational plan.

~Finally. After meeting with a number of agents, we were able to make a decision. I won’t reveal who we’ve chosen. Pero I know we were very much guided when we made the choice.

6. Start planning for Enzo’s first birthday.

~ Since she is the very first ‘official’ apo of the Rodriguez’, everyone’s super duper mega over excited. So are we. Hehe.

There. Atleast.

2 down, 4 to go!

Fingers crossed. Aja~


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