Early Warning Signs of Cancer (a repost from my multiply account)

warning signs of cancer: a quiz paper wayback college =)

Not just the zodiac sign of people born between June-July.
A dreaded disease.
They say people with cancer feels more than ten times than a woman’s dysmenorrhea.
I can attest to that.
My maternal grandmother died of GI cancer last December 25, 2004.
My maternal uncle, also died last February 2005 / 2006, same reason.
Being the only nurse in the family, we would frequently go home (our  province) to pay them a visit.
They’d let me assess their conditions, converse with the doctors, prepare a Nursing Care Plan for them.
I explain my uncle and lola’s condition to our other relatives in the most layman’s term possible.
My mom would even translate my explanations  into their dialect (Ilocano).
It’s like that they were  never sick.
They’d feel better from one time to another.
As  day goes by, everyone  will be blind folded of the cancer, because the patients seem to recover.
Then, in a blink of an eye, they’ll be gone.

A  night before my lola died (christmas eve), we even had the chance to talk to her via phone.
She was laughing real hard while telling us how her day went by.
She even told me this – ‘nak-kong, siyak ti agmarcha kanyam nu ag gradwar  ka, ah?’
“Nak, ako ang kasama mong magma-martsa pag graduate mo ha?’
I gladly said yes, told her that she needs to get well soon, so we can shop for her clothes.
According to my Aunt Cherry, who was with Lola that time, Lola just bid them good night, and promised not to bug anyone with her cries (because of extreme  pain).
Then that was it.
Lola didn’t wake up the next morning.
She paasedaway just like that.
So sad.

Same thing happened with my uncle.
He asked my cousin to come over, and told him to be a good boy.
He asked my cousin to tell his mom (my uncle’s strange wife)  to not to abandon him again.
My cousin was left byhis mom when he was only 2 y/o, she is an OFW.
After that serious talk, he screamed his lungs out, and died.
Very traumatic.
Very sad.
Very painful.

I hope that the picture above will help everyone increase their awareness on CANCER’S warning signs.
BTW, this is a quiz from my NCM 203 (Nursing Care Management), under Dr. Cabawatan.
AWARENESS  (no matter what happens) will always be the best key.


C – change in bowel / bladder  habits
A – a sore / wound that does not heal
U – unexplained weight loss/ unusual bleeding & discharges
T – thickening / lump in the breast
I   – indigestion / difficulty swallowing
O   – obvious change in moles
N  –  nagging cough  / hoarseness of voice


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