Are You Safe from the Valley Fault Line (Marikina Fault Line)?

Earthquake hits Manila yesterday, at around 06:37PM.

Good thing I was already at home that time. I left the office at 2, and I arrived home at 4 (that’s 3 hours earlier, yipee!).

Baby and I were busy playing in our room when I noticed that  her crib was shaking, then her cabinet and then I felt the bed was also moving. I immediately picked her up, a feeding bottle with milk (buti nalang!), and my mobile phone (na naka-line, to be sure I won’t run out of load).

We hurriedly ran out of the house, and I heard mama-in-law calling out for me. We stayed outdoors until the situation susbsided. 

From Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, plus the earthquake that some areas in Manila felt last Sunday, and yesterday, I became a little paranoid. I did a little research. I checked if our current place in Pateros is safe from the Valley Fault Line (formerly: Marikina Fault Line).

It’s kind of reassuring to know that we are safe.

Here’s the screenshot:


Will  check on the Bulacan map next time.

Go, check yours, too:


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