Enzo at the hospital for the 4th time this month!

Pang-ilang post ko na kaya ito about my baby being brought to the hospital?

Enzo, AGAIN was brought to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital today, this time, with my bio-mom (yesterday, it was Mama-in-law).

Pero, not because she’s sick, but for Varicella Vaccine.

Varicella, based on EPI (Expanded Program for Immunization) is given on the baby’s 12th month / 1st year.

However, her Pedia decided to give it early to her, due to an increase of chicken pox cases in his clinic, among infants.

Precautionary measure, it is.

Good thing I remember to tell mama to bring  Enzo’s CBC results, and let Dr. Gonzales review it.

Her Hematocrit was a little below it’s normal level, her Hemoglobin, too.

Baby’s doctor recommended an iron supplement.

Since we also consulted her Pedia’s second opinion on the little lump on her rectal area (which I thought at first was hemmorhoid), I had doubts on administering her Iron (it would make her more constipated, plus it stains the teeth!).

I browsed through my very trusted online Pharma book, and there, I was able to refresh my mind that Iron is very essential in a baby’s growth.

Iron-deficiency can lead to learning impairments.

As for my worry on her constipation, I read that she can have Prune juice mixed with iron.

Mama, being a nutritionist-dietitian (huwag ng kumontra kung bakit ako eh ganito kalaki!), texted me EVERYTHING I need to include and exclude in Enzo’s diet.

It was a good decision to let Enzo’s nanny accompany them.

Free learning session, huh?


I hope this is going to be the last time Enzo will be brought to any hospital due to an illness.

I only intend to bring her to her Pedia for her vaccinations and wellness check-ups.

No more, no less!


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