Congratulations, ATTY! =)

The Supreme Court finally released the list of the 2010 Bar Exam Results.

I wasn’t too interested to know who the top notchers are.

I am just too proud for a friend since gradeschool (during our Sacred Heart Academy – La Loma days).

Actually, she was my tightest competitor, then.

On our 3rd grade, she topped  the class on the first quarter, I did on the second, we tied on the third (top one), and we tied on the fourth (quarter) again (Second Honors). There were 3 sections for the grade level, that’s why.

I can recall a lot of memories with her.

She’s a half-Pinay, half-Japanese lady.

I use to call her Mich.

After seeing the results, I’ll be calling her a different name now.


Clap! Clap! Clap!

(Mag tapsilog na ulit tayo!) 🙂




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